Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring is finally coming!!!

I've been having quite the rough past month. This time of year generally is busy but lots of other things have been going on as well.

Mother's Day was fabulous! Next year for Mother's Day I will have 3 little munchkins! We are expecting our 3rd baby November 7! Our first winter baby!

I recently found out I have rhubarb growing! I was so excited I just starting thanking the Lord for giving me such a blessing like rhubarb. I love rhubarb. I just can't get enough of it in the spring and for the first time ever I actually have it in my yard! It is the little blessings that add up and mean so much in this crazy life!

The apple trees/ crabapple trees are all starting to bud out and blossom. I found a lone daffodil in the woods. It was a nice reminder that no matter what, there can always be beauty found in any situation. It just might be so small you have to stumble over it.

There are also a ton of grape hyacinth that has naturalized into the woods. Oh it is so beautiful! I also discovered some mint (yeah, it really is invasive but it depends on how you look at it!) growing along the yard and under the hedge. Yay!!! Do I hear mint jelly? I bet mint ice tea and mint lemonade is going to be popular this summer!

So far I only have my potatoes and onions in the garden. We have to till it up again and I need to get my corn in the ground before the farmer gets his in. I don't want cross pollination. It will be at least another two weeks until the fields are dry enough for them to put in their corn. So I should be ok planting mine this soon. The garden is perfect for corn right now. I also am waiting it to get tilled so I can get my radishes, carrots, beets, lettuce and peas planted before it gets too late and the seeds can't take advantage of the wetter, cooler part of the year.

It has been awful cool lately. I have been keeping an eye out for asparagus growing (I have two patches I noticed) but so far nothing has popped up. With the start of rhubarb popping up I'm sure asparagus won't be too far behind! I have been scouring the woods for wild leeks (called ramps in the southern US) but we only have trout lilies here. Oh well. I have rhubarb!!!

Today it might actually get over 70 degrees! This morning has been thunderstorming so I would assume it will be a few hours yet before it starts to warm up.

Our chicks are growing fabulous! I love Purely Poultry, I will buy all my chicks from them. They have awesome customer service, we didn't lose a single bird either! Plus they are located in Wisconsin so it's even more local. The chicks we got from Murray's still aren't very hardy. Our male leghorns which we are using as a fryer are about a month away from getting ready to be in the freezer, they still randomly die. I'm not very happy with them. I mean seriously there is no reason why a bird that big still has to have a heat lamp or die. Oh well. Lesson learned.

Well I am signing off for now. Going to play with the kids before they get their naptime. Then I have to get some work done! Happy spring! ~KT