Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I thought of the Chris Young song today "Voices" as I woke up to heavy machinery at 6:30 am coming from the neighbors across the river.
So I started thinking about all the noise we, as a modern, technologically advanced society, experience daily.

I get so burnt out listening to others opinions, the chaos of the city, watching or listening to the news and all the depressing, disgusting and sad news in the world.

Sometimes I just want to escape to the woods and disconnect from all that negativity to get revived, recharged and relaxed.

Sometimes the only noise I want to hear is peace.
Birds singing.
Creek water bubbling over rocks or fallen trees.
Wind whispering through the leaves and pine needles.
Chipmunks scattering through the leaves.
The sound of wind over wings of birds flying over head.
My children's laughter as they play and explore in the woods.
A campfire crackling.

Tune out, Turn off and Recharge.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Time never stops, is always moving, never backs up and usually runs out on us.

I would call Time a constant, but since it seems like I never have enough and usually run OUT of Time, I really can't call Time constant. I can call Time "a sure thing" though!

So my question, or rather, thought of the day is this: What do we spend our Time on?

Time is like money in that we "spend" it or "deposit" it somewhere and also like money, some people have more Time to spend than others.

In the whole eternal scheme of things is what we are doing/saying/thinking really going to matter or is it just another waste of Time?

Matthew 6:21 says "for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also".

Is our "heart" into spending our Time with online games? Hobbies? Gaining wealth?

These things aren't bad in and of themselves (moderation) but do they consume and steal our Time?

Time we could spend helping someone else out.
Time we could spend with our kids.
Time we could spend with family.
Time we could spend teaching someone else something (hobbies, trade, the old fashioned art of conversation?!)
Time we could spend alone with God.

We never know when our Time will come, to pass from this earth and then what will we have?

What will we have done with our Time? Will God say "Well done" or will He say "Why did you waste the Time that I gave you"? (I am coming from Luke 19:12-27, The Parable of the Minas)

The Time we have has been given to us, we did nothing to earn our time here on earth.

So what will it be? Time well spent or Time ultimately wasted?

I think it's Time for all of us to look at our hearts, our lives and see where we are depositing our Time. You will know what you need to do.

Our "Time" can be up in a blink of an eye so don't wait for Time to "get around to it". Time may never let you get around, it could just come.