Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I thought of the Chris Young song today "Voices" as I woke up to heavy machinery at 6:30 am coming from the neighbors across the river.
So I started thinking about all the noise we, as a modern, technologically advanced society, experience daily.

I get so burnt out listening to others opinions, the chaos of the city, watching or listening to the news and all the depressing, disgusting and sad news in the world.

Sometimes I just want to escape to the woods and disconnect from all that negativity to get revived, recharged and relaxed.

Sometimes the only noise I want to hear is peace.
Birds singing.
Creek water bubbling over rocks or fallen trees.
Wind whispering through the leaves and pine needles.
Chipmunks scattering through the leaves.
The sound of wind over wings of birds flying over head.
My children's laughter as they play and explore in the woods.
A campfire crackling.

Tune out, Turn off and Recharge.

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