Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Big Day

Today is the big day we take our daughter to Children's Hospital for an appointment with the pediatric gastroenterologist to find out more about her tummy aches. Her celiac panel came back positive so off we go today to find out more. She complains so very much about her "tummy aches" and she picks at her tummy and begs for her "picky feet" (penguin ice pack, its a long story but picky feet is the word penguin and happy feet all into one, she is so cute!)

She is excited to go to the doctor so she can "get her tummy fixed" but as her mommy I'm nervous. I know there isn't anything to be nervous about but this is my baby going through all this stuff! Well at any rate, have to finish getting the kiddos ready so we can leave! Be praying for us please!


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