Monday, April 8, 2013

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let's catch up!

As it gently rains this cold, rainy Monday, I thought it would be the perfect time to grab a hot cup of tea and do some catching up!

Now we are into the month of April and we still have plenty of snow, ice and sitting water strewn about. Quite the opposite from last year! We are completing the camper for us to use out west! I did have quite the upset with the paint in the bathroom. . . I accidentally gave the lady mixing the paint the wrong paint sample. Classic mistake, yes, but I am going to make do and work with the paint. Sure, paint is 'cheap' enough to re-do unless, of course, you happen to be on a budget! I will have to show before, during and after pictures once we are all done! I prefer to show before/ after side by side instead of in installments on blogs. So, stay tuned for that post to show up sometime this month!
In other news I got my seeds in and I am just waiting for my ramp bulbs to come in the mail yet! I am going to have most of my tender plants in pots so I can put them all together in case of drastic temperature changes. Plus I am going to experiment with decorating with plants and flowers together so I have settings that are functional and showy. I am so excited and am looking forward to beginning that project!
I am hoping the health problems I have been dealing with are behind me now. I only pray they are anyways!  I did have to make some diet changes such as no dairy except butter. Thankfully my skin is clearing up and it seems that butter does not have the same effect on me as regular milk, yogurt, and cheese does. I am doing the best I can to avoid plastics, parabens, PEG's, and other icky things like that. I can only wonder if my body is affected by those things how much more are my kids bodies affected by them? And my kids are still growing? Such a scary thought!
That brings me down to another point of Simplify, Simplify, Simplify -HDT. . .
I want to simplify my family's life. Less truly means more. More family time, more quality time, more time to help others in need, more time to listen to family, friends and most importantly God. Technology is helpful but in a way it has taken away the true aspect of community. People interacting with other people. Just a thought to keep in mind.
Time to go pull out my sweet potatoes and finish prepping dinner!

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