Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Battle of the Bread Puddings

Today I decided to make bread pudding since I had almost an entire, large loaf of French bread that was going stale. Since we don't want to let anything go to waste bread pudding, like in the old days, seemed like a good idea for dessert tonight to use up!

Since the loaf was so big I had enough for either a double batch of one recipe or two single batches.

I decided to make my husband's family recipe for bread pudding, handed down to them through the generations. It's a special recipe and I'm very, very excited to hand this recipe down to our children and keep the traditions going strong!

The other recipe is one that was in one of the new cookbook's my husband gave me and it has a recipe for Southern Style bread pudding. I love southern cooking. Actually I love most kinds of cooking because each style is unique and special to a different place in the country and even the world!

I will post later on the results. I have a feeling the family recipe will win. Mostly because of the raisins and cinnamon involved with it vs. the more plain but sweeter southern recipe. We shall see!

In other news winter finally hit our part of the country and while the sun is shining the brightest since we've been here it is only 4 degrees above 0! I'm used to having brisk winters like that so the temperature is not a complaint in my department but the sun sure makes that sky blue, blue, blue! Against the green of the pines with the snow on the branches, it is absolutely gorgeous out!!! Wow, what a beautiful world we live in, if we only take the time to notice the beauty around us! I'll try to get some photos while my next recipe of bread pudding is in the oven and post later this week!

Here is a photo of my very much missed Nubian doeling Dehlia in the springtime. I sure miss her and cannot wait to get some land and get a few more goats and other animals!
Happy Baking,

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