Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Good fences make good neighbors

We all have heard that one, I am sure!
But really,
what makes a good neighbor?
Is it REALLY fences?
Is it luck?
Is it family?
Is it "nice" people vs. "mean" people?
Or could it be common courtesy?
The golden rule?
I think in every relationship there should be boundaries, although more relational than physical. There is good in all people no matter how "mean" they may seem at first. I think luck is what you make of it and family has it's perks!
But when we get down to it, people need to have a common courtesy for each other, a mutual respect of and for the other individual. We are all going through different things in life, not one man/woman is better than another; we are all human! Walk a mile in another mans shoes and you will have an entirely different view of them.
Give them the benefit of the doubt. If a problem arises go to them in a non-confrontational way and let them know your concerns. No need to be hasty and accusing. Give them the respect as another human being and talk with them as an equal, not "down to" or "at".
Most importantly treat them how you would want to be treated and act accordingly.
Sometimes things do get drastic but patience, respect, and common courtesy with calmness and a smile can usually fix most neighborly issues. That and a freshly baked pie or plate of cookies!
Expanding to more than just neighbors we should treat all people with the same respect that we would want to be treated, no matter the age, race, style or any other stereotype we could put in there.
Respect, calmness and kindness speak a language that attitude, accusing and grumpiness could never speak.
Play nice! ~KT~

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