Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking ahead

Today, I enjoyed my cup of coffee as I looked out on the wintery wonderland snowscape outside. . .

 Off I went, in a daydream reminiscing about snow days as a kid. Wondering what winter will be like "out west" this coming winter as we are moving this spring. Day dreaming about taking the kids fishing from a fresh and clear mountain stream. 

I could practically hear the sound of the water as it rolled over the rocks and tickled the bank. . .

I could almost see a fish jumping out of the water to snatch a fly. See the glitter of the water reflecting the sun as the fish slipped back in the water after getting it's snack. Day dreaming about building a fire and teaching the kids how to clean, prepare, cook and enjoy the freshly caught fish...

Day dreaming of the sound of the trees swaying. Squirrels and chippies protesting the presence of people in their otherwise solitary living space. Hearing the birds chirping, maybe there is a nest of baby birds up in the tree waiting for their mother to return with some grubs for their meal too. I could almost see it, hear it, smell it, taste it...

Then, I hear it. "Mom, Mommy, MAMA!!! Can I have some more milk please?!". Then I get brought back to reality of breakfast time. 

What a wonderful glimpse of looking ahead!

I am so excited to share the outdoors with my kids now that they are getting old enough to really know what is going on! For the old saying is quite true: A happy kid is a dirty kid!!!

There are great things to come, great memories to be made, and lots of precious family time as I am looking ahead to the rest of this year!!!!   

And now I will go and spend some precious time with the kids now, because time waits for no one and the kids are growing up quickly!


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