Thursday, June 28, 2012

Looking Ahead Down the Road

I've been re-organizing and cleaning. . . Yes, already! I just went through all our things a few months ago and was happy with the results. Well, after doing a lot of thinking about it I decided to go ahead and re-organize. Now, I am seeing results and instead of stressing out about the house I am finally getting content knowing I don't have 5 of some things and none of essential items still on "the list". So, I have been cutting the slack and actually getting myself (gradually) things that have been on "the list" since getting married!

Now that I have been getting the house in order (almost- I'd say another week and I'll be done!) then I can start working on my business/business plan! Get it in writing what I want to do, how to do it, timeline, etc., so I can plan ahead and get that going. I already have my company name and a design idea in mine and also what I'd like to carry but I want to specialize so I'm going to start experimenting. As soon as I'm done re-organizing that is! 

In other news I totally scored at Goodwill yesterday! I got little man a pair of boots for this winter that he absolutely loves! I also got myself some batik that I will be using as a wrap skirt or baby sling or both! Some bamboo purse handles and a 100% linen skirt in my size that if I happen to not like I can totally repurpose into something else that needs 100% linen! Yay! 

Going dairy free has still been interesting. I woke up a few days ago with an awful knot in my back, this time it isn't going away quickly like before so I went to the chiropractor yesterday  to get a consult as this is a new chiropractor for me. Today I go back in and get adjusted so hopefully I will be on the road to getting my back, back into shape! I wonder if that is why I have been getting migraines lately. . . Maybe it's not dairy after all? What I do know is I haven't had a migraine since going off dairy despite my attempts to tell myself that it must be something else because dairy is soooooo good. I miss REAL ice cream. Soy and Rice have nothing on real Wisconsin ice cream. It will be one whole week tomorrow. I am craving.



Oh, how I miss them!

It will be interesting to see, once I can try dairy again, if that truly is the cause or if it was my back out of alignment. 

Time will tell.

In other news, baby is so close to crawling, its crazy! I have to wait 2 weeks before trying any more solid foods for her and I need to try carrots. I tried green beans, peas, squash, sweet potatoes and avocado and she gets tummy aches or gag or both and explosive diapers from all them. Her doctor says she must not be ready despite the fact she has the other signs she is ready (sitting up, teeth, pinchy fingers) Oh well, nursing is going well so that is good! I'm patient though, she is only have 7 month old baby so I don't have to rush into food because she is getting the perfect food from me anyway!

My other two kids are just little sweethearts, they mother baby and it is absolutely


They love doing "this little piggy" with their toes! They make me do both of their feet! It's so cute. I just can't believe how fast their vocabulary has come in. Evelyn is talking in sentences like an adult, I don't think I've ever heard an almost 3 year old talk and respond the way she does! And little man is talking more and more and adding things to make sentences himself! Kids grow way too fast. Time sure flies!

Well, time for me to get a little more cleaning done!

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