Monday, November 24, 2014

Day 6 Whole30

Today things are going well! I just can't believe the difference in my skin. It is so bizarre! I feel stronger, and I am thinking by the end of my Whole30, should be back to "normal"! I have noticed that I fall asleep so much easier as well! I don't crash like I used to and I don't get as cranky when I get hungry. I am still having sugar cravings but I'm practicing mind over matter as I made it to day 6 already, why waste those days previous?! SO not worth it! Especially for the benefits I am reaping already!!!

 In other news we're looking at our Holiday celebration and tradition list and revamping it. Why do we celebrate what we do. What is the history on it? What are our family traditions? What do we want our family traditions to be with our little ones?

Materialism, Commercialism, Greed, Selfishness. Those things are all becoming quite evident as "Black Friday" on Thanksgiving is coming up. How did the season of giving become the season of getting and/or spending?

What are the things we want to grow and foster in our children? It most certainly is NOT the "give me" spirit! We hope we can foster an attitude of "giving"  not "give me".

Something to think about as we prepare for our national time of Thanksgiving.

As a country we really, truly have so much to be thankful for!


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