Thursday, November 20, 2014

Whole30 Day 2

Yesterday I was surprised at how much I depended on sugar and pointless carbs as fuel to get through the day. I also suffered an awful migraine, but after a nice dinner disappeared. (Day 1)


Today is still surprising as now I've noticed how much dairy I used to eat if I didn't have sugary items in the house. I don't miss baked goods as much since I've been gluten free since the end of August.

Its a little frustrating to me to have this cooking learning curve as I am relearning to cook/bake gluten free but now doing it the Whole30 way. LUCKILY, for me, there are tons of resources on their website, Pinterest, and other places online. Coffee with coconut isn't that bad, a hot breakfast- seriously who would complain about that?!

So far no change in my skin. It's only Day 2 though, I wasn't expecting it, just recording it!

I'm really hoping the weather changes though! Without the mountains it just feels like back home, which kind of makes me homesick as the scenery then looks like home (without the mountains). With the mountains in full view, it is comforting knowing that I'm here, not there and helps to keep my perspective in the proper place! That has nothing to do with my Whole30 journey, but still.

Chasiah is working on her 2nd tooth already! She is sure growing fast. Childhood flies by sooo fast!

Found a property we are SUPER interested in looking to buy. We'll see what happens with that. I''m excited to actually decorate for Christmas for the first time in like what, 3 years?!?!!? Day after Thanksgiving, people. Yes, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas stuff is coming out and going up!!!!

On that note, I am thankful to be in a house that I can decorate for Christmas this year!!!!!

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