Thursday, August 11, 2011

The race to the fair is on!

The county fair is coming up and I am a race against time! Especially with having to preserve garden produce while trying to juggle being a mom, wife and finishing projects for the fair! No, I'm not complaining I'm excited!

I am 1/3 done sewing together the motif's for my crochet afghan to enter, I got all my pictures that I am going to enter for sure printed off yesterday, I need to make the dish drain quilt, finish the embroidery on my flour sack towels, finish the cross stitch (if I can't finish the cross stitch it wouldn't be the end of the world but it is near the end of my list).

I also have some baking to do like cookies and breads and such for the fair. I don't think I am going to enter a pie this year, depends on if I have time because I have a few items that I wanted to enter last year but I wasn't able to so those things get first priority this year.

I will be posting pictures of my projects as I get them finished because I am so excited! A lot of these things I am making for the first time and trying out new things. It's ok if I don't place at the fair, the point is I finished projects that are totally new to me!!! So it is a totally new experience! Not to mention I've tried making some new jams and jellies this year to enter into the fair as well!

If people have a chance to enter in the fair I would recommend it! Even if it is only one item! You can learn a lot by just entering into the fair! Especially for me since I have taught myself to do stuff, it takes a county fair judge to be able to really let me know what I need to do different. I learned a lot about crochet from entering a simple washcloth last year! Now this year I am entering an afghan! First time doing new stitches in making the motifs and the first time learning how to sew them together! I can't wait to see if I'm doing it right or if I need to do it differently for longevity :)

Enter into the fair! It's fun!


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