Monday, August 29, 2011

County Fair 2011

This year the fair was a lot of fun again! We had a vehicle emergency and my husband had to take my vehicle to work that day so I wasn't sure how I was going to get me, the kids and all my entries up to the fair in time to enter. I still have to come up with the final tally of how many things I entered this year. I'm thinking its between 35-45.

I got first place and Outstanding for my ginger cookies and first place and Best of Show for my Dandelion jelly!!! I got first and second places with the rest of my canned goods I entered. Including a blue ribbon for my pickles which I wasn't going to enter until my husband tried some and told me they were amazing and I had to enter them.

I got first, second and third places on my crafting projects including a second place with my dish drainer quilt thanks to MJF! The ladies behind the counter at the desk never heard of one and loved the idea!

For my photos I got second, third and fourth places with all my black and white photos and a fourth place with one of my colored photos! I must be learning how to use my camera a lot better because of all the photos I entered last year I only got one fourth place ribbon on a colored scene picture I entered last year. I was really happy with how I placed this year in the photo category!

For garden produce I did a lot better than I thought I ever thought I could do! Despite how pitiful I felt my garden did, she really pulled through and gave me a bunch of blue ribbons! I also got second, third and fourth with my garden produce!

I've started experimenting with flowers a little bit and tried to grow a few more kinds this year and it paid off! I got first and second places with my cut and potted flowers! Yay!!!

Over all I had a great time preparing and getting ready for the fair. Next year I would like to enter more into the sewing category. I have a few projects I would like to get done but I'm not starting any new projects (except maybe for matching mommy daughter crochet hats) until after Christmas.

I wrote myself a list of all the stuff I need to get done before the baby comes including the remaining food preserving I need to do. It will feel good to have everything done! I should be able to have everything done before I am considered "full term" at 36 weeks. I am hoping to go late a few days to have the baby on 11-11-11! My due date right now is 11-7-11. I guess that wouldn't be such a bad date either but how neat to have all three digits the same for the third kid!

Well I have to run to town this morning yet and then I have to start working so I can start checking things off the "before the baby comes" list!!!


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