Monday, September 5, 2011

Still no pictures for my updates!

I finally finished canning tomatoes for the year! Another thing crossed off my list of things to get done before the baby comes!

I also was able to do some Crab Apple Jelly! My very first time! I was going to wait until next year and then I remembered that the trees out front didn't produce last year so they must be an every other year producer. So I made two batches and put some in those 1/4 pint jars for gifts this year!

I need to preserve some apple pie filling (just one batch-7 quarts) and some more apple sauce!

I'm looking for an apple pie recipe since the one I had that I really liked got lost and there is no way to get it again. Hope I can figure something out before the apples get out of season!

I'm still struggling with a sinus infection and it actually feels like it is starting to get into my chest. I ate a clove of chopped garlic with honey and it made my stomach sick. I did that two days ago and my stomach is still sick from it :( Must be because I'm pregnant. I'm trying other methods to try to get over this sickness sinus stuff. I really thought it was just a sinus infection but now with it going into my chest I am thinking it must be a virus.

Today we got our winter hats out because of the chill. Besides I can't stand cold wind in my ears, it hurts!

Well time to enjoy family and finish my morning coffee!

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