Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stuffed Cabbage and homemade rolls!!!

Yesterday and today I got some huge cabbages!!! I decided since it is cool outside that stuffed cabbage rolls would be the perfect dinner for tonight. Of course you have to have homemade dinner rolls too! As you can see from the picture the cabbages are huge! That cauliflower isn't too bad either! That is a ruler in front of the one cabbage just to show exactly how big they really are!!! Or in the one cabbage's case - was!!!

Here are the cabbage rolls in the oven getting ready for dinner!

I didn't want any tiny little dinner roll for tonight. I wanted hearty!!! So I made them extra big!
The smell of homemade bread filled the house and it was just fabulous!!! Homemade bread is such a comfort food!!!
The finished product with of course Chef's Choice removed just to make sure they are good enough to serve! Oh, heavenly!!! 

Well it is almost time for the cabbage rolls to be removed from the oven so off to enjoy the summer's bounty!!! Will post the recipes later!!!

Livin' Life in the County,

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