Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lessons in Simplicity

 This morning as I was doing the dishes before the kids got up I had some quiet time to think. Funny how doing the most common, ordinary of chores can give you great time to contemplate things of life!

Since I've taken some time off from facebook my internet time has dropped considerably. I think it's pretty crazy how just one web page can consume so much of my time, let alone how much time it actually did consume! I never realized how much time was lost to the world wide web until I started taking a break from my most visited page!!! It was a real eye opener because as I have been trying to get things done around the house I was wasting so much time online! 

As the seasons are slowly changing and colored leaves are gracing the yard, the crisp autumn air reminds me of apple pies, pumpkin pies and roasted turkey. Simple things yes, but wonderful simple things! 

Since I am trying to purge and organize my house in order to simplify my life with less clutter and things to constantly pick up (i.e. kids toys) I have to go through other places in my life that need "simplification" as I call it. I recall a quote I read in MaryJanesFarm magazine that said "Being simple to simply be". How true is that! Then of course we all know Henry David Thoreau said "Simplify, simplify, simplify". Some more words of wisdom. I love the technology we have available but sometimes I think it gets in the way of us simply being able to live life. The best thing I ever did for myself is get rid of having a cell phone. Now when I run errands I can concentrate on what I need to get done and if I get on a rabbit trail I can enjoy it without someone calling and bugging me while I'm trying to check out at the cash register!!! I do have a way to contact people if I am in an emergency plus if I get wifi I can contact anyone I need to as well so it's not like I'm disconnected from the world, rather I'm actually getting to enjoy it fully now without being tied down to the cell phone. Not to mention the money we have saved by not having two cell phones!!!

Since taking the time off from my most visited web page I have missed seeing the updates from my friends and seeing how they are doing. Which is a positive side of being able to use technology but on the negative side it took away time from my kids and the house in general. Now, I've been able to really truly enjoy having some book reading time, play time with my kids and this time that they are little and think me and my husband are their heroes is such a short time I don't want to let technology (however nice it is to have) rob me of that precious short time with them. Plus despite me digging deeper into the purging of the house I have been able to keep up with the rest of it so what I have already organized is staying organized compared to earlier this summer I just never could get ahead of the game. Now I know why! 
Back in the day when this country was just starting to get settled people were healthy, and families were strong the way of life might have been rough without a lot of the technology we have today BUT it just seems like society back then was a lot better than now. Ok, I'm not saying it's technology's fault for the position our society is in today but I am saying people need to look at their lives and as Ghandi said "Be the change you want to see in the world" So, so true. 

We are surrounded by little words of wisdom and all of them simple. I love simplifying my life, by simplifcation of my life I've experienced the following side effects: Less stress, better health, easier to stay focused on the positive things in life, more quality time with the kids, less time cleaning the house and more time with my husband in the evening, more time to bake (I love baking!), not being in a rush anymore, peace. Yes, peace.

Simplification leads to peace. If silence in golden then simplification is steel. The strong backbone to a long life. So common, so simple, so important yet often overlooked for those very reasons.

Learning to be simple,

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