Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend Productivity

So much has gotten done this weekend! For me the weekend really started on Thursday when I bit off more than I could chew rearranging the house! But now it's starting to come together. I even squeezed in time to give my little man a hair cut! Now I just need to get my man to give me time to cut his hair!

My bedroom is just about complete with purging and organizing, now it's just finding the right decor. I am thinking the colors green and brown with a few hints of black and maybe gold. I think I will use foresty type things along with bears. Not positive on that yet, I will just see how it goes, decorating is the last thing I am going to do as purging and organizing comes first since that is the most time consuming!

As I was doing regular kitchen chores (ahem, the dishes!) I decided to go through my pantry and organize so I don't have food sprawled around the kitchen. I hate clutter, I hate messy and I like, ok I LOVE organized. So when I finally get to the kitchen it's just one less thing I have to organize!

Tonight marks a big mark for our daughter! She FINALLY gets her "big girl bed"! We have one of those convertible cribs so tonight I said is the night I took the extra half hour and put on the big kid railing so she doesn't fall out (or at least it will help prevent it some!) At first she looked a little scared but then as I did the good night routine with the kids I noticed she starting thinking "wait a minute, I'm not stuck in bed anymore, I can keep playing! but should I? but I can!" haha it was so cute seeing the wheels turn in her head. In fact I hear her playing with the toys right now, probably to the disappointment of her brother who is still "stuck" in his crib! Once I get the kids room purged and organized I will put his big kid railing on so he can have a big boy bed! I could tell he is totally ready for it, its just a matter of there being too many toys in that room right now and I'd like it to be organized so I know they aren't pushing the bigger toys up to the dressers and climbing on them to try to see out the window. Yes, I can totally see my kids doing that because that is totally something I would have done when I was a kid! haha :)

Well I am almost caught up with laundry as well this weekend, but we all know that is a recurring chore so is it really possible to ever get caught up with laundry since there is always laundry? Haha nice thought, but I will chose not to think about that one too deeply here.

Yes, this weekend I am very please with how much work I was able to get done, my kids even "helped" as I sat down and went through things. I know I am very prejudiced but I have the best kids ever! Well I am going to unwind a little bit this evening and read a book before I head to bed. This coming weeks marks my 32nd week of pregnancy so as long as I keep on truckin but at a nice pace everything should be done by the end of this month about when I am considered "full term". I would absolutely love to have the baby on November 11th but the way I've been feeling I think its going to be shortly after I get full term, but only God knows when the baby will be born. We are all very excited about it!

~Counting the days until I get to meet baby #3 ~KT

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