Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Frost of Autumn!!!

 Last night we got the first frost of the season! The only reason I am excited is because I don't have anything left in the garden worth salvaging since the chickens managed to find a way into the garden and destroy the rest of my tomatoes and squash AND cabbage. The only thing left thriving is my sunflowers! So pretty! 

The picture is of the front yard, after the frost left of course :). I can't believe the leaves on some of the trees are already starting to fall on the yard! I still need to get some apples from one of the local apple orchards! Hot apple cider sounds soooo fabulous right now! Swirled with a cinnamon stick, yeah I'm thinking that sounds super good!

Evelyn has been doing fabulous in her "big girl bed" sometimes she gets up when my husband gets up for work and she will follow him around a little bit then come and crawl in bed with me. Our son is ready to have his toddler rail put on his crib but we haven't got to that yet. Sometime the next month he will have his big boy bed then both my kids will be out of the crib stage. They grow so fast! I've enjoyed them so much and I'm so thankful for them!

The house is starting to look and feel soooo much more homey this week. It's so much more relaxing to be home its just a fabulous feeling! It is getting closer to that time of the year when we have to start thinking of winterizing the house though. The house dropped 10 degrees in temperature overnight! We went from 76 to 66! Crazy! No wonder our heating bill dropped dramatically once we winterized the windows!!! I saw Menards had window kits on rebate this week so I will have to try to work it into the budget to pick some up for the windows. We still have some heavier duty plastic for the extra living room door and the bay window which works a lot better with the kids always coming into contact with it. I hate finger prints on the windows and it's absolutely worse on plastic! I will have to come up with something creative to keep the kids from climbing up into the bay window and getting fingerprints all over the window plastic!

Well, if I can get some caramel I will make an apple pie today. I am so glad I found out how to make a pie my husband LOVES! I don't think I can ever go back to a regular crust now that he loves my pecan caramel topping!!! No problem, making that topping is soooo much easier than rolling out a 2nd crust for the top crust! Now I can make two pies for the effort of one! 

Well I need to start taking it easier because my body is telling me to slow down and let the baby finish growing because I have a feeling (my husband told me the same) that I'm doing way too much in such a short time. I still might be in pretty good shape and healthy BUT it doesn't matter, overdoing it is still overdoing it and that is totally not a thing to be doing while pregnant. Especially in the third trimester! 

Off to continue my day in the country, counting the days to meet baby #3!!!

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