Sunday, September 18, 2011

End of One Season, Beginning a New One. . .

This week the calendar says it will officially be autumn. (Well at least the last time I checked!) I'm very happy with how much work was done this week despite the many setbacks I had. We hit an amazing sale going on for rugs so I was able to get an area rug for the living room to help make it more homey and also somewhat cover the very dated and cold looking tile near the fireplace and hearth. I would like to find a coordinating hearth rug too but I will just keep my eyes open for a good deal and if I happen to have the money then I might be able to get it! 

I'm so thankful for a lot of things and this week made me appreciate my husband even more than I did before. He has given me so much support during the past week when I was having such a hard time, he bought me the rug for the living room, I had been craving plums so bad and after church without telling me what he had to go to the grocery store for (I was clueless) he brought me a bag of plums. What a manly man!! I couldn't ask for a better husband because a better husband doesn't exist. I'm so thankful for my man!!! He has been working extra hard getting the yard cleaned up and winterized. He is fighting that nasty head cold the kids and I all had two weeks ago but he was able to get stuff done around the house anyways. Like I said I couldn't ask for a better husband because he's the man :) 

Friday I had an OB checkup. That was just absolutely stressful. I wish I had not gone at all. I had to reschedule my August appointment for the first week in September and I totally forgot about it!!! They never called me or sent me a letter telling me I missed a scheduled appointment so it took me an extra week to figure it out myself that I hadn't been to see the midwife since the end of July. Now that I'm 33 weeks they want to start seeing me every two weeks. The road construction getting to the doctor is enough to give me a coronary as it is let alone having this big discussion on why I don't want to get the glucose test done. Then, since I have been having lower stomach cramping she wanted to do this other test for fetal fibronectin. I couldn't remember how accurate it is and since everything is pretty much out of pocket for us I hesitantly agreed. I still have to find out how accurate it is because it came back positive. I remember when I was pregnant with my 2nd I had been dilated to 3 and 50% effaced for almost 5 weeks but every two weeks (because I was dilated and effaced) they wanted to do that fetal fibronectin test and it always came back negative. I ended up having him a day before his due date. So after stressing me out and trying to scare me into the glucose test this stupid test  came back positive for that protein. So, according to the midwife I saw she said I could give birth within 1-3 weeks. 

Well let me tell you what. #1 after the exam she gave me I will NEVER go back to her again, #2 she will NOT be delivering my baby no matter when I end up giving birth #3 my body is capable to grow this baby until she/he is ready to be born  #4 No one is going to tell me to go on birth control like I'm some in capable, unschooled highschooler having uncontrolled sex. I mean seriously people the nerve!!! She said that even after I told her my husband and I want to have our 4 kids close together so once we are done with baby stuff we can be done with baby stuff! Some people just have nerve. This baby, and our other two kids are no accident. 

Continuing on I did some research for myself to verify the information I already have and I decided to discontinue taking my flax seed oil, take another dose of my Cal/Mag supplement and continue drinking tons of water like I always do. I am also going to only drink up to one cup of coffee a day and when I feel extra Braxton Hicks I will get out the relaxing chamomile and also start taking red raspberry to continue preparing my body to give birth to this baby when she is supposed to come out. I guess the main point is that I know I am healthy, I know my body better than the doctor or midwife or anyone else for that matter (besides God of course) and by the grace of Yahweh I will give birth to this baby at full term despite what the medical field tries telling me. I will not be discouraged. God is in control.

Besides babies are birthed NOT delivered.

Well as I continue to strive to be healthy, minimize stress (including possibly finding a different midwife/doctor), organize my house, be a wife, be a mom and be myself (can't forget that one!) I'm having a fabulous weekend relaxing at home and enjoying the slow transformation from a house we live in to a home we live in. It's so neat watching the season slowly change from summer to autumn. I'm so thankful God gives us change and also that we never have to go through change alone. 

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow...

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  1. Totally inspiring words! When my time comes to have kids, I want it to be as natural as possible. My biggest beef is that I detest scheduled birthings, if the child needs to 'bake' a bit longer then let it!

    I have a feeling I will be a bane to whatever doc/midwife I end up choosing to assist.

    Good for you for your outlook and your nettle.

    BTW I gave you an award today on my blog, go check it out and spread the love!