Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Pondering

Today I am abnormally exhausted and it is just past noon! Hope I get an afternoon burst of energy to be able to finish off the day! It must be the virus I have that is making me feel this way. It really stinks succumbing to sickness this far into the pregnancy!

I was horrified last night when I found out the generic vitamin C I was taking had sucralose in it. Sorry, I avoid artificial sweeteners like crazy when pregnant and here I am taking it without knowing it! Since when do they do that?! Well anyhow I will be buying my name brand vitamin C from now on despite the $4 difference. My long term health means a lot more to me than $4. Not only my health but the health of my husband and kids too!

I had heard recently some news about wheat. I, personally, have never been a big fan of grains. They make me feel bloated, slow, hungry and over all not feeling well. When I eat more fresh fruits, vegetables with a little meat protein I feel great. I don't feel slow at all, rather I feel like I can work and get things done! I don't have celiac or any other disorder but I have noticed that when I eat lots of breads (whole wheat or not wheat at all) I don't feel well. That includes crackers, chips and other processed foods too. I had always assumed it was processed food making me feel that way until about a year or two ago when I read that book about blood types and diets. My blood type needs low grains. Then I started thinking that while the processed food isn't good and can make me feel that way then grains even whole grains could make me feel that way too. I don't eat a lot of grains anymore and I do feel better but this new news I heard on wheat, depending on what I learn may even have me limiting the amount of "wheat" for the rest of my family as well.

I think back to creation. You can't tell me Adam and Eve had ready to serve frozen waffles with "maple" syrup composed of cellulose (yes, that is a wood product) and corn syrup. Yum. Sounds good huh? They didn't have potato chips, they had regular potatoes - and not flakes from a box either! They had the real deal. They didn't go to the market to buy a grain fattened steak. In fact, before the fall they didn't even eat meat. Which is something I still would like to study more.

Well as I ponder those dietary items I have more braxton-hicks contractions. Annoying and interesting to not that with each kid I have they become stronger and more noticeable. In fact I think braxton-hicks hurts worse than regular labor. Only 2 more weeks and I will be full term so I can finish my projects before lil one comes. I have to take it easy with all the BH contractions I've been having. I've noticed that with more activity they become stronger so I don't want them to turn into actual labor for at LEAST another two weeks. Although preferably baby will wait until 11-11-11!!!

I've also finished up a finance book. It was so good and I highly recommend it for people wanting to get their finances in order. It's super easy to follow, not boring and I actually feel like I learned something and I support my husband 110% with setting up a new budget. I thought he was joking when he said we could be totally debt free in 1- 1.5 years! If we follow the plan in the book we can. No, it's not a get rich quick book but if we stick to the method then yes, we can be debt free that quick even with 3 young kids! I hope and pray we can stick with it. We got hit below the knees this month financially and it came out of no where. We start getting caught up and bam, back into the hole. I pray God will get us through this period quickly so we can start looking ahead to the future and stop living paycheck to paycheck. It's possible to live well on one income!

After doing the math I estimated that if I worked full time, after taxes and other work related expenses (including child care) I would be lucky to bring home an extra $100 a month. Realistically that is ridiculous. Why on earth would I go through all that trouble just to bring home an extra $100? Getting a full time job out of the home is too expensive. Good thing we sat down and did the math before I went out and got a job! The amount of stress it would have placed monthly on me, the kids, my husband all for an extra $100? Wow. So not worth it. It pays to sit down and calculate these things out! So therefore I will still learn a trade I could do from home and maybe start my own business some day! I do have a few plans in the making but I really won't do anything with them until I'm done having kids. This being #3 we are only planning on 4 kids so that time is coming soon.

I'm so thankful that I have a husband that works hard to support our family. I feel so bad for him when bad things happen to us and I know it is incredibly frustrating to him as well. We had been going the past two years to a place we went to on our honeymoon but our anniversary is exactly one week from today and unfortunately we can't afford to go. Not because of a budget shortage but because of getting kicked right back down. Not sure how I can help out except pray. I know God will work it out in His time. At least I can still make strawberry cake for our anniversary! :)

Well I think it's time to sign off. These are the things I have been pondering on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon. I think I will make myself a cup of tea, put on Hello,Dolly! and try to find something to organize while taking it easy so these BH stop.


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