Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Checking the List: Day by Day

So last week I decided to write myself this list of things I need to get done before the baby comes. Then I came down with a super bad head cold/sinus infection. Seems like that is the way things go for me.

Anyway I got a few things checked off, like finishing my tomatoes!!! But today is the first day that I have felt somewhat normal. I would have to say I feel about 90% this morning which is really good considering I felt about 50-60% yesterday! Raw garlic in honey works! It is even helping my kids, but don't take it on an empty stomach if you aren't used to raw garlic! I learned the hard way! But it was sooo worth it!

Today is Tuesday and I decided to do some routine picking up this morning in order to get my house under control since being sick for the past week. It amazes me with it just being me, my husband and our two kids under two how easy it is to fall behind on things! I've got a great head start by getting up early due to pregnancy un comfort in bed this morning. The baby seemed to press on my intestines no matter what position so instead of struggling I decided to get up and work. Maybe the baby is telling me that she wants to come out when I get full term so I better get up and get to work :)

At any rate I decided to put canning off for another day in order to purge, organize and clean the bathroom. Then it is another room I can check off in purging/organizing the house before baby comes. It's a small enough room where I won't be over doing it today and risking a relapse of the head cold by purging and organizing it. I will get to the apples some time this week. I also need to write down a few recipes out of the library books I have today because they are due tomorrow.

I have a whole bunch of stuff to donate and it feels so good knowing that someone else that is in need can use it instead of taking up space in my attic. How many pairs of clothes do little kids need anyways? How man toys? My opinion is that if the kid can't wear the clothes within two weeks, play with the toys in a week then they must not need it. If the kid has so many toys they can't possibly play with all of them within a weeks time then they don't need it and some kid without toys can make better use of the excess toys in our house.

Just by purging and organizing my house I have found it easier to keep picked up, clutter free and also simplifying my life in the mean time. The feeling of peace and relaxation of having a more simplified house makes it even more of a home you can relax and unwind in.

A home is really somewhere you can just be you. A place where you can leave the stress and rat race of the world at the door step and just un wind. Simplify= Peace. Relaxation. Home. Love it!

Working on the peaceful home~KT

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