Friday, September 23, 2011

Amazed by Autumn

I'm loving how my house is becoming more homey each day. Plus, getting into the whole excitement of the changing of seasons and decorating is so much fun too! I look outside yesterday and this is what I saw:
The sumac across the road is really starting to flame red! The leaves on the maple trees are just starting to turn too. Otherwise it still really doesn't look like autumn unless the sun shines bright (like it is right now) and really makes that sumac brilliant red! I had to drive to town this morning and run to the bank and on the way I was amazed by the colors of brilliance I saw! I was glad no one was behind me and I live out in the country anyways because I was only going 35 to soak it all in! The different shades of green, some of the trees turning gold, yellow, orange and red, the flowers white, gold, purple, milkweed turning yellow. It was gorgeous! I don't think I have thoroughly enjoyed a drive into town as much as I did today!

My house is also starting to look more like autumn inside too, as you can see from the above picture we have gourds in the bay window, and view of part of my kitchen below:
Plus I have a pumpkin and indian corn and leaf rug in front of my kitchen sink so I can stand on something nice and soft while I do dishes :) Ah, the simple things in life can make even the most mundane of chores something not so bad! I found a really cute harvest wreath at St. Vincent thrift store earlier this week for the same price I could have made one myself except I didn't have to spend anytime making one so for me it was actually a great buy! I could have sworn I had a wreath hanger somewhere upstairs but it either got misplaced or buried (or put by mistake in the garage!) so it's just hanging inside my screen porch for the time being. It will be good until after Thanksgiving when I slowly start switching my seasonal decor to Christmas time!!! I love pine cones and balsam wreaths and the electric ice rink and candles...

But for now I'm totally enjoying this autumn season! Fresh pressed apple cider, if you haven't tried it before it is a must do!!! Cider, homemade bread, indian corn, gourds, pumpkin decor, pumpkin and apple pies, the fresh crisp fall air signaling the ending of gardening season and a time where families can spend more time together instead of working so hard outside. A time where you can look at your kitchen shelves, freezer and enjoy the fruits (and veggies!) of your hard labor all summer. Yep, I'm all for fall. I really think Autumn is my favorite season of all. Plus my wedding anniversary is coming up! I always wanted a summer wedding but we ended up getting married in the fall and it was just perfect fall weather. I think that is what really started my whole love affair with the fall season. It reminds me of the day I married my best friend and get to spend the rest of my life with him! Autumn is nature's paintbrush showing off the beauty of God's creation, a signal that we can start to slow down and rest for the year. Well, off to open the windows a crack and let that crisp autumn air flow into the house before the autumn turns into winter and we put of the plastic and the windows stay shut until spring. I will enjoy every last bit of crisp fall air that flows into the house, along with the smell of my cider tart warmer and the sound of the wind blowing through the still drying corn across the road. Yep, even while I work there are things to be enjoyed!!!

Hava Nagila!

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