Thursday, September 8, 2011

Autumn's Apples and Football Frenzy

Last night I decided to make an apple pie for me and my man. I tried a new kind of crust called a press crust. I wasn't impressed and decided to ALWAYS take the time and roll my crusts out! 
I got the recipe from "The Pioneer Woman". It is her "Scrumptious Apple Pie" which in all reality is a Caramel apple pie. 

It tasted really good with the caramel and toasted pecans on top! It was also the first pie that I have ever made with that crumb style topping instead of a pastry topped pie. 

Since today also marks the start of the regular season for the Packers I have been thinking about making another apple pie but more traditional in the means of added spices and the pastry topping. 

I didn't care for the pie I made last night (I think the bottom crust really turned me off) but my husband loved it! The picture shows what little remains of the pie this morning! 

Oh, back to the Packers. Since it's only fitting since it's the first game of regular season we are having a typical "tail gater" dinner tonight. Complete with Brats, Baked Beans, Potato Chips and whatever I come up with for dessert. I also have a recipe for apple bars which might be less time consuming than making a pie. Dutch Apple Cake is also a good recipe BUT I would think a bit too rich to serve with the high fat foods we are going to be consuming tonight! 

As for my cleaning and purging escapades I made great headway into my bedroom yesterday so I am hoping to finish that today. I love seeing the house coming together, slow as it may be! I was thinking about it during the kids naptime yesterday that since I am almost 32 weeks I only have a month before I'm full term! Once I make it that far baby could come any time since this is my third! Well time to get up and get cleaning, time's ticking closer to the time I get to meet baby #3!!!

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