Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, check!

Another Monday, another day closer to when baby #3 comes!  This weekend was so productive! Beautiful weather, a touch of summer yet today then a cold front moves in and we will be lucky to be in the upper 60's. No matter, it will be sunny! Some of the leaves are starting to turn. Across the road there is a ton of sumac bushes and some of the lower leaves are already turning a brilliant red. I bet it is just gorgeous in the fall as the leaves all change! We moved in this house after Thanksgiving so all the leaves, except some oak leaves had already fallen so we missed the fall colors here. I'm excited to see what the yard looks like this fall! 

Today I am going to do some straightening up in the kitchen then on to the living room. I got done with my bedroom and it's so nice and organized in there, its fabulous! I got rid of a ton of stuff either just by throwing it out or putting it in my donate pile which I need to get down and donate later today or tomorrow. 

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the living room. I need to find a decent entertainment center that is high enough so the kids can't keep touching the tv but also made so they can't climb up the shelves like steps. I'd really like an old wardrobe/armoir deal so I can shut the doors and the tv and accessories will be out of sight out of mind. Plus I think it makes the living space a lot more organized looking when you don't have dvd players, consoles, tv and stuff sitting out in the open. 
Right now we have the tv on my old desk which totally isn't working for me. I will just have to keep a more active eye out looking for the right piece of furniture to add to our main living space. Until then I will just keep purging and organizing until everything is nice and homey, non cluttered and then I can relax and just get the baby stuff ready for when #3 comes! I'd love to get done with everything by the end of the month so I can spend the last month taking my time, enjoying my two kids and getting ready for the new baby.

Well I suppose, time to finish my morning coffee then off to work I go! Counting the Days till #3! ~KT

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