Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No complaints on the weather here!

This is a picture of baby's first time outside not all bundled up! At 4.5 months old this is also her very first time in a stroller instead of a baby carrier! She had a good time. The kids have loved this unseasonably warm weather. High 70s and low 80's all last week and all this week thus far. It will get cooler, like in the 60's but that is still 10-15 degrees higher than our "normal". There has been nothing normal about this weather, ever since last autumn! Who knew mosquitoes in Wisconsin would come out in full force in March! This has all been a really neat adventure for sure! On the downside of things our "spring" things have kind of come and gone already. The pussy willows bloomed for just a day, tops of two days. I was sad as I usually like to trim some branches and make a neat arrangement for the table. Hey, there is always next year! The grass is catching up to the spring flower plants which are just forming their flower buds! I am very excited to be able to see the tulips bloom that I planted last fall! 

This weekend we are going to have a rummage sale, it is our first and possibly our last! I hope and pray I can do well with it because I sure have put in a lot of work to it so far. On the plus side our house is nice and orderly without clutter now! I love it! 

I do miss our chickens a lot. I'm thankful one chicken couldn't get caught and if the coyotes get her I will really miss her a lot. It's my Golden Laced Wyandotte! What a gorgeous bird. God sure knew what He was doing when he created the earth and all that is within it! Gorgeous! 

Well time to get off the computer, finish my coffee and continue on with rummage sale preparations!
All creatures big and small. . . 

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