Monday, March 5, 2012

Daily Learning

The last two weeks I have been "teaching" the kids colors, shapes, alphabet and numbers. We are concentrating on one of each for the entire week. This week we are on letter C, color Yellow and number 3 and square is our shape of the week.

I decided to do this more of an "immersion" instead of forcing them to "get it right" by the end of the week and two weeks is too long on the same thing for me and the kids as by the end of the week it is getting kind of boring and the kids like to get their new paper at the beginning of the week!

I am very surprised at the amount my son at 21 months old can and has retained! He never ceases to amaze me at his brilliance. Both kids really. I am surprised at my 32 month old daughter because I will start to show her something and she already knows it and shows me! haha! Great surprises! People really don't give kids enough credit for what they can learn at young ages. I have been letting them listen to different languages using Baby Einstein Language Nursery and some lullaby around the world dvd things I found too so it's only a matter of time before I start doing 2nd language things with them too.

So far, for simplicities' sake I have been taking a long piece of construction paper, folding in half, cutting along the fold in order to get two sheets then with black marker drawing a bubble letter on top then a number on the bottom and that is their little sheet for the week. The color paper is the color of the week as well. As for shapes I found stickers that I give them and also point out shapes in different books as I read them books every day too. I also found some really cute animal stickers with different shapes, colors and obviously animals that I give the kids each day that they stick on their little weekly papers. For example: one of the stickers last week (color green, letter B number 2 and circle shape) was a big circle photo sticker of two horses running in a field. So this sticker just was perfect it had TWO horses running in GREEN grass!!

I have the kids trace the numbers and letters and draw whatever shape we are doing and overall it's a lot of fun to do with them, keeps them busy, helps them learn and if they don't have it down perfect that is okay- it's so early for academics so this immersion thing is mostly for fun but also to help them later on in their school years.

The kids love helping me back things and cook "EH" (eggs) for breakfast and "K-cakes" (pancakes- oh the kids love pancakes!) They like to lick off the powdered sugar I put on the pancakes then they finally eat the pancakes. Oh kids are so cute!

I love my kids and they are just growing up so fast! Take time to spend with your kids because time won't keep them kids for long!


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  1. In that picture Ruger and Ivana look easy going and happy, but Evelyn is like "What are you doing to me?!?!" lol <3