Saturday, March 10, 2012

Simplification Saturday

I decided to make sure I do at least one thing to simplify my life on each Saturday. While I was working on rummage sale things I stopped and looked at all I had accumulated for my upcoming rummage sale. Of all the stuff that I am getting out of my hair (which is quite a bit!) I still have much more I could technically do with out.

I started thinking more about the simplification process as I was watching historical documentaries on the US and some European countries.

I find it quite interesting that people appeared much happier though they had much less. Much less money, things, technology but by having less, they also had much more. More family time, more productive time (vs today's hamster wheel workforce). . . I find another thing quite interesting that because they had more work they had less crime. Maybe people were too tired to commit crimes? Oh sure, there were always criminals but a lot less of them than nowadays.

Maybe in our land of excess it has produced these "problems" that we are now trying to fix? Educating kids more won't fix the crime rate. People back then were hardly educated but they sure knew the meaning of a dollar. . .

Well I just find that all interesting so now off to continue simplifying my life and getting rid of the excess so I can enjoy what I have more fully and I won't be wasting my precious time constantly picking up these excess things so I can instead spend that time doing something productive with my kids!

Sometimes having less is having more.

Stopping to smell the flowers!

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