Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year; New Adventures

2011. Already! Now that I have been married a little over two and a half years and been a mommy for almost two years I can start branching out and start expanding my life for my own, my husband's and my kids benefits. Maybe even benefit other people in the process. I decided to start a blog, almost as my own journal, to keep record of things that I have been doing.

Since we moved to a farm house with room for our animals and a nice big garden (although I doubt it is big enough for my future plans!) I decided to learn how to be more self sufficient. Grow all the food I can, preserve what we don't eat fresh, grow my own meat and learn other basic skills that are slowly becoming non existent. With the way American society has been changing both parents have had to work in order to supply a "Gimme" attitude. When I worked in the nursing home I would hear of stories of the "Giving" attitude society used to have. I really want to be that way. I don't care if other people try to take advantage of me. That is their problem.

Anyhow, I don't want to live my short life in a microwave way of life. I want to take time and enjoy my kids, my husband and my life. Yeah, we already went through some hard times being married. No one ever said good things come to wimps. Good things have to be worked for to be kept. Anything good is worth working for. With that in mind I decided to start cooking at home from scratch rather than getting convenience foods like tv dinners. Sure I like to stick in a frozen pizza and I know its not really healthy but its ok we can't be perfect all the time!

Cooking from scratch brought a whole new attitude for food. I went from all conventionally grown foods (except for foods I grew at home in a small garden) to switching over to locally grown natural foods and organic foods. Not only have I lost weight, but I haven't gotten sick, my kids are growing so healthy and since we quit highly processed foods my daughter hasn't had an ear infection since. Nice!

Then I got to thinking, if cooking from scratch is helping us so much, what else can I do from home that will help us be healthier? If its helping us be healthier then "green" is a good by product of just wanting to be healthy! Good stuff!

It's also saving us buckets of money. It does take thought and preparation ahead of time but totally worth it! I haven't exercised (as in an exercise regimen) but I've lost weight! Going green never felt so good!

Today I decided to start practicing my sewing skills with my sewing machine. I am going to practice mitering corners by making some napkins. Eventually I would like to quilt and make some custom clothes so I can look stylish yet have my own customized look! Maybe I will even get good enough to make my kids some custom clothes too!

After I practice on some napkins eventually I would like to make myself a cool tote bag to use as a diaper bag. After all I do have two kids in diapers! I wonder if I could make my own diapers... hmmmm

Well I will leave it at that for now. I have so many plans and so many project I want to learn. Not just for my benefit but for some people in the community. I will write more on that later. 2011 has so many adventures in store. Good and I'm sure there will be bad but one thing I want to remember is to let life be life and darkness always comes before dawn. Be Positive, eventually there will be a positive outcome to show for all the hard work!


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