Friday, January 28, 2011

My first item!

I just posted my first item on etsy! I made a really cool button choker and if it doesn't sell I am so keeping it for myself! It took me about 2 hours to make, and I should have probably put it on for more than I did, but I would rather sell items than keep them around. I can always make more, and the more I make, the more I will get better at making them!

Now my next agenda is making a scarf. Ok. So maybe not quite next! I am going to go make some more buttony things first. I probably won't get to the scarf until tomorrow! But who knows!

My poor daughter is still sick. I have been feeling really sick to my stomach. I think it has something to do with not being able to sleep at night. Despite having netflix, I really don't watch much more tv than I did before we had netflix. There is just so much more that I have to get done! Reading books, learning about things so I can have a more efficient garden, herb and flower garden this year. I want to have a strawberry patch, grow meat birds, so many things! This is my first year attempting herbs and some of the flowers I want to grow! Hopefully they turn out! I also would like to set up a bee hive. I need to get some more info on raising bees, mostly on the hive equipment. I can't wait for my catalog to come in! Tonight I get to run to town for groceries, get some library books that I have waiting for me to get, and also to return the ones I have already read. I also need to get to the store so I can pick up some clothes line and clothes pins! I just recently found out that clothes still dry in the winter outside! They freeze dry. Who knew?! Since I've started using my dryer our electric bill went up $100! That is just too much to pay for such a trivial convenience! Well at least it is in my book. That is an extra $100 that could have went to paying a different bill, or better yet, a heifer calf! I really want a purebred brown swiss, jersey, or milking shorthorn. I have been thinking about texas longhorn, but their horns really intimidate me! For now I think the 3 breeds I have listed would be the best. The jersey or milking shorthorn would probably be the best bang for my buck in converting feed to milk. The Brown swiss would need more food, but again they are my absolute favorite breed of cow!

Well I am going to go get some chores done outside before the snow hits. It is sunny right now so I want to take advantage of that! Tonight: 2-5 inches of more snow! :) Good tea drinking weather!


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