Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Purusing Actions

I decided to get crafty again so I made a horse tail protector! All I need to do to finish it is put some velcro on it in order to fasten it over the tail. I'm calling it country chick. haha

At night, since this past month has been chaos and my husband has been working insanely to get a vehicle to run for him to get to work and back cheaper and more efficiently at night when he gets home, I have been chilling out with my crochet project: a nifty little scarf!

I know how to single crochet but now I learned how to double AND triple crochet and I am putting it all together to make a neat patterned scarf!

So far I have put in 4 hours of work. I am almost half done. Just because I said I learned how to crochet, doesn't mean I am fast at it yet! :)

At Bible study on Sunday night  one of the ladies was telling us of her struggle to quit work so she can be the wife and mom she has wanted to be for years. Interesting. I too want to stay at home and take care of my kids. I also feel a strong pull to find work outside the home to help out. After much thought before I heard that and much thought after I heard what she said I really think what my husband and I are doing are what is best for us. Sure, no one ever said living on one income would be easy, but that is where me staying at home could be our advantage! I think in the long run God will bless us for our efforts to raise our kids up to be moral citizens of the country. I think I can do a better job teaching my kids to be a law-abiding citizen than a daycare or public school could. Even though I know there are many, many fantastic teachers and daycare employees who touch many lives in a positive way I still think I can do a better job. After all they are MY kids!

It's been an incredibly tough month. We spent over half our income on fuel for my husband to get to work and back. Most of our bills will have to be paid double this month so we are looking forward to getting our tax refund this month since we filed as soon as we got all our W-2's in. We are really working on getting caught up and getting out of debt completely this year. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel despite the hole we are in right now. I am resting in God that everything will be worked out and I know He will work everything out to His glory :)  After all, its a promise He gave us in the bible!

Despite resting on the promises, I had a breaking moment today. I found out the propane company cashed our check but didn't put it towards our account... After hearing that "I never gave them a payment" I broke down and cried. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I did send them a payment and so I went to the bank and wouldn't you know they cashed the check. I was so emotionally exhausted I just came home after the bank, thankful that their stamp is on the back of that check so I can prove I did send them a check. What they did with the money, that is their problem. This month when it's time to pay them I am going to go in there in person, with the payment AND a copy of the cashed check and then I will take care of the problem. Today was not the day to fix the problem. The lady at the bank said sometimes they accidentally put the money towards someone else's account if they have a similar name. Well again, that is there problem and I won't worry about it. I'm just satisfied that they did cash my check and I have the proof so I can rest easy on that and just deal with it when its time for their monthly payment.

Well all I can do is look ahead towards the future and I am so thankful we start out the year in winter. Spring is such a wonderful time of the year! A new beginning, fresh start is coming and for me, that truly will be the start of a new year:) It will signal the end of a very harsh winter (not weather speaking) and spring is when hope sprouts up and blossoms!!! I can surely be thankful for that!

I want to end with a quote I read on my tea box last night that I really enjoyed.

"Sweet is the breath of vernal shower, The bee's collected treasures sweet, Sweet music's melting fall, but sweeter yet: The still small voice of gratitude." ~Thomas Gray

I know what I am thankful for today: Hope for a fresh start, Hope for spring, Hope for spending a wonderful summer outdoors in the country with my wonderful little family! Who have I thanked today for my wonderful things? My husband for loving me, God for blessing me beyond my dream's ever could have dreamed!

What are you thankful for today? Who have you thanked today?


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