Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Adventure of a Lifetime/ Gratitude in Sorrow

Yesterday I wanted to watch the premiere of Survivor and I read and watched the players bios. I was a little surprised. Ok, maybe more slightly irritated at the naivety of some of the girls. They kept saying how they are adventurous, ambitious, flirty, tough, blah blah blah. I could not help myself thinking "If they want the adventure of a lifetime they should try getting married and having kids!". Then I got to thinking deeper. Some of the girls saying these things are my age so I can't say "When I was their age I thought the same way" or "When I was their age I tried to prove my toughness", etc.

Going back a few posts I wrote how I just felt like I had to prove myself tough, or worthy of being taken serious. That was back when I was in highschool until about 20ish... These girls are in their mid 20's! I guess it takes some people longer, which is good because everyone is different! If everyone were the same life would get boring!

Back to the subject, I still am adventurous and I've found marriage and raising kids are the adventure of a lifetime! Anyone could go bungee jumping, but not everyone could stay married and have kids AND still have a life :) It's about balance.

Another point is now that I've had kids, they are my proof of my "toughness". I sure don't need to prove I'm tough to no one anymore! haha Having kids is a tough job, raising them is a tough job.

The benefits of being married and having kids are so much more and make the toughness seem like not tough. I don't know how to explain it! It's great and it has been the greatest and will be the greatest adventure I have ever been on! 

I hope the girls trying to prove their toughness, and naively thinking (as I did too!) that something small like Survivor or living in the bush would be an adventure. Hopefully they find themselves and get into life without having to prove themselves or prove themselves to their self (I'm sure that will make sense to someone!).

On another note I wanted to make two postings: One on Survivor (about) and another titled "Gratitude through Sorrow".

Monday we got our chicks in from a big name hatchery. Withing 24 hours 2 of my pullets died. I cried and I am still broken hearted about it. My husband didn't make fun of me for crying over a chick, instead he was quiet and just gave me a big hug. A hug was exactly, no more and no less, what I needed right then and there.
I can still find things to be thankful for in tough times. Yesterday I lost 3 more chicks. This morning I noticed another of my hopeful rare breed pullet chicks is acting like the others did before they died. Slow, lethargic,not running around peeping and pecking like a healthy chick should. I did some research online and found a good website online and I did not like what I read. It sounds like they are dying from either birth defects or an inherited disease that is showing up in the chicks. According to the web chicks dying from big hatcheries from a disease (that is neutralized by giving a vaccination against Mareks disease) is quite common.

Of all the chicks I've raised I've not lost one. Until now... I'm heartbroke. I've never lost so many animals in my life. 3 egg layer chick pullets and 2 male meat (leghorn) chicks. The meat birds do not show any sign of being sick, they just flip over dead. The pullets start acting lethargic then within an hour of showing lethargy they die. Before that they run around like normal chicks.

Well to make a long story short I found a hatchery with good prices and in the state. I also checked out reviews on them and I only found a handful of negatives compared to 40% for the hatchery I got my current chicks at. We ordered a few more chicks, 5 Cuckoos and 5 Egyptian's. Plus we ordered 2 ducks for my husband because he loves watching the ducks. I don't blame him, I prefer ducks too! I just don't like how their eggs taste hard-boiled. So I raise chickens for that! Ducks are our pets, I can't butcher ducks. We tried that already. They all ended up being our pets until the fox came and the neighbor dogs got lose...

Anyhow the gratitude part is that my husband let me get more chickens in replace of the ones that died! I am so thankful! I hand chose the breeds I did for their coloring, egg laying ability, and their temperament. I am heartbroke they died. I am really sad I didn't order any Golden Laced Wyandottes.... That little chick is dying and of course I cried about it this morning. I am still quite upset! I am so thankful I can get upset about something small and not having to worry about being made fun of. I'm thankful my husband can just give me a hug when I need it (what a great guy!) and let's me take another risk from another hatchery to get some more "dream chicks".  Since my Golden Wyandotte was healthy at the time and now will probably die I am going to keep an eye on Craigslist for an adult or pullet, or even a chick. Now that we placed our order already I can't afford to buy another 15 chicks! I am also going to keep an eye out for a Black Australorps. That chick died on me too and I decided to buy the Cuckoos and Egyptians since I couldn't afford a 3rd variety. Swap meets here I come!

It always helps looking for good in sorry situations. My diamond in the rough is my husband. So there is my two posts combined into a nutshell. Marriage and kids are the adventure of a lifetime and sometimes the things most thankful for are intertwined in our adventure!


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