Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day. . .

Today is going so much better, thankfully! The kids are doing better, I am feeling a bit more rested than usual, despite feeling weak still. Husband is feeling better too, yippee! The sickness is finally being defeated :)

Yesterday was rough and I'm so glad yesterday is yesterday and today is today!

I'm still thinking about those amazing sourdough waffles I made on Sunday. I am thinking I will steal some starter tomorrow (sassy me!) and make some for dinner! Tonight I already had dinner planned. Onion soup (different than French Onion soup which is refined) with rice and green beans on the side.

I am successfully evenly using up the produce left in the freezer from my abundant garden 2 years ago. It is nice to have a homegrown treat since I was unable to have a garden last year. This year, Lord willing, will make up for not having a garden last year! I am very excited to plant all my "new" heirloom varieties so I can save the seeds from them!

It took hours of planning and trying to find the right heirlooms to plant given where we live, what I can preserve, etc.

My little Evelyn is such a cutie pie, she tries helping me out cleaning the house, putting away groceries, and keeping an eye on her little brother! What a sweet heart to already be pitching in to help! Yay!

She just loves our little chicks, it is so sweet to see her interact with the animals too.

I have been putting some sewing/crochet learning projects on hold to get some reading done. I am learning how to do a traditional granny square for crochet, I still need to get an embroidery hoop so I can do a sampler and then embroider some pillow cases and towels for my house and gifts. I also need to make my son a quilt. I made my daughter a little one with a flannel back just for crawling on the floor so it really isn't a quilt.

I also need to learn to knit, there are so many neat things I could do if I could knit!
Oh man, I also need to get some patterns so I can start sewing for summer! I want to make myself and Evelyn some summer skirts and sundresses. It is so hard to find a decent (modest) sundress that is cute, functional and doesn't show off what the Lord gave you. Frustrating. If I wanted to show the world my legs I would wear my swimsuit to town, haha!

I have been pretty frustrated with how long it is taking me to meet other people my age. Even though we live out in the country everyone here is pretty uppity. I will not give up in my quest for friendship around here. It only takes one to be friendly! It does take two to be friends though. I sure hope I can find some people to befriend! I miss having friends close by, everyone has moved away. So sad.

Having two little ones sure keeps me busy and also less concentrated on not having adult friends. I have so much fun with my kids and husband. I love living on a little farm!

Well I suppose that is all for now, the kids need to be changed and be put down for their naptime then I need to go get the mail, make a cake for dessert and start cooking my onion soup for tonight! Busy busy!


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