Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crafting Bliss

Last night my husband surprised me with roses, a card and dinner at home!!! Afterward he had to fix our truck and I was so tired so I stayed in the house instead of helping him. I watched a movie and crocheted a new wash cloth for myself. It was a new kind, smaller and I did an edging on it. Instead of the typical single crochet all the way around the edge I did two rows of single crochet. It really defined the wash cloth and made it look a little fancier that a typical house hold wash rag!

After I finished the wash cloth I decided to give the granny square another try. The first couple times I tried out the granny square (I want an afghan!) was very interesting. I finally figured out why! There are different types of granny squares! No one told me because I am learning by myself! I finally found a video on youtube that shows how to make the granny squares that I have been wanting to make. The ones I was making that didn't look like I wanted to, actually did look like they were supposed to! They are called a solid granny square. I want to make a traditional square!

Since I'm switching to natural fibers the resulting afghan should be pretty nice.

I want to start making afghans and blankets and donate them to orphanages. Here from the land of plenty (yeah, even though we are in a recession we are rich compared to most of the world) I can make the afghans as I get yarn.

Yesterday I found some rope so I hung it up on the clothes line! It was only enough for one strand so I have three more spots open to hang up rope. I dried a few clothes out there yesterday! I don't have clothespins so I was checking prices online then I realized I need a clothespin hanger.... So I looked through my daughters clothes that I was going to give away and found some old dresses. I made one into a clothespin hanger! I think I am on to something here. Old fashioned dresses no one would put their kid into these days make the absolute cutest clothespin hangers ever! I have a few more outfits I would like to make into clothespin hangers and my favorite one I will keep and the others I will put on my etsy store.

Since it has been warm enough I have been letting my chickens out of the coop and free range in the yard. They are so happy I am getting 3-4 eggs a day from 5 hens! Wow! Happy hens = happy eggs and lots of them!

The 5th hen we have is a Delaware. She is one hen I don't like at all. She isn't sweet and calm like our other hens. She is plucky, pecky, and an overall crab. I am hoping she will leave my kids alone this summer. Every time I go out to feed them she is the first one to greet me with a bunch of pecks at my feet. Good thing I wear boots! I push her out of the way and she comes back for more, then she has the guts to tell me off. ha, chickens! Hopefully these pullets I just got turn out to be sweethearts like the adult hens we have. I got a few different breeds and I am so excited to see how calm they are and everything. I am sure there are different personalities in each breed too so I will just have to keep that in mind! One thing for sure, I will not be buying anymore Delaware's no matter how neat they look! One of the sweetest hens (ok I had 2 favorites) was a Columbian Wyandotte that my old black lab killed on us, she was super calm so I got a pullet chick of that breed. My other favorite sweetheart was an Ameracauna purebred. Murray hatchery didn't have the showing kind so it's obviously a mixed breed of some sort but I still ordered a pullet chick of that breed. I will keep my eyes open for another purebred Ameracauna hen though!

I can hear my kids getting up so I will be signing off for another day in the country!


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  1. Just found your blog and I love it! I will be visiting often.