Monday, February 28, 2011

Springtime's bittersweet coming

Today I am thinking about my kids, my chores and spring!

So far this morning has been hectic and non productive. Which is totally fine and acceptable when you have little ones! I think of this as my model for life with kids: "Dishes be quiet, dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby for babies don't keep". ~anon

Seriously that is so true. Will anyone remember if my house was spotless on a certain day or week? NO! Will my kids remember if I always did chores and ignored them? YES!

The key here is balance, but sometimes it is just easier to spend a good couple minutes playing with them and giving them undivided attention and then finishing the chore I was working on. Then I can finish it and the kids are happy, mama is happy being able to finish without crying. Everyone is happy!

Sometimes in order to go forward you have to take a time out.

Saturday night I went through my seeds and figured out what I still need to get and started the process of figuring out where to put everything. I am trying a few different methods this year. I am also going to plant a sunflower house for my daughter, I think she will have an absolute blast playing in it!

I am also exciting for summer because spring is the transition of winter into summer. Camping, star gazing, evening campfires with friends and family, gardening, enjoying summer produce fresh from the garden, riding my horse, the county fair, swimming, summer fishing, rummaging, farmers markets, oh wow summer is so busy! This winter has been a nice break, but now I am rested and ready to get to work! Well the work is already started in planning the garden!

I am so excited to spend time outside with my kids instead of always being inside. Easter is coming, spring is at the end of the lane coming to knock on our door and bring the news of summer! Even the sun seems to be telling us warmer, and busy times, are coming our way as it warms the roof and gives us icicles to look at. Icicles are winter's last claws of the waning season trying to hold on as springtime moves in.

Well time for me to make good use of naptime and get some chores done!

Then we are visiting my husband's grandpa who is not doing so well and appears to be his ending days. Pray for us, for his grandpa and for the rest of our family during this time.

Spring comes near with bittersweet joys.


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