Saturday, February 19, 2011

Old Time Community

I have been doing lots of thinking lately on the subject of community. "Back in the day" neighbors helped neighbors, they didn't just wave to each other while they passed on the road like today (if that even!). Then I was reading about the Amish community today, how if someone's barn burns down all his neighbors come and rebuild it all the while his cows are being cared for by a neighbor. WOW! That is community! "Back in the day" neighbors helped neighbors like that too. My question is: What happened?! What changed the way our community interacts?

I think back to my college days, one of my roommates grew up mormon. Later she became a christian but that is besides the point. She told me all about it, she also said one of the hardest things for her growing up and becoming an adult was leaving her mormon community. It is very supportive, they care for each other, lots of visiting. It sounds very ideal, like something of yesteryear.

Why are the Amish, why are the mormons all having strong, supportive communities? Why are christian communities missing the benefits of a strong comunity?

Today I was reading in Galatians chapter 6 where it says to "bear each others burdens". I would think if christians would quit arguing doctrine they could enjoy the benefits of a good community! Not just that, if we are to bear each others burdens that is part of the christian walk. I think modern christians are missing out. I don't want to miss out. I think a bible study is in order!

Not only a bible study, but a lot of work on my part. I think a ripple effect could be possible. I will just have to take the initiative I guess. That is ok :) I'm a farm girl. With a little prayer and elbow grease anything is possible!

I think if everyone would take the time to just help one person out a week, just imagine the ripple effect it could have! Maybe eventually my community will be like an old time community! In order for other people to get on board, you gotta get the boat in the water first!


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