Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stand Firm

I was doing some reading in my Bible today and I decided to keep on reading after I got through "today's passage". It was pretty interesting.

Stand firm is repeated twice. In a row. I'm not a scholar but from what I do know of the time period when this passage was written was when something was repeated whoever said it wanted to make emphasis on it. In this case it's Stand firm.

After I read that it really jumped out to me. I know I have caught myself in this pattern of "When I get established here then I can reach out to others". Well that isn't what I just read. In fact it brings out a whole different concept.

If I am supposed to Stand firm, it doesn't mention I need to have roots to Stand Firm... I am just to Stand Firm.

hmmm.... Then I remembered a different passage. He is the vine and we are the branches.... Therefore if I am a branch and God is the vine that means He is my root. Since God is everywhere I have a "root" everywhere.

So I don't have to establish anything, I just have to sprout up and stand firm! That is "it"!

That was so encouraging and comforting to me. Just knowing that God is everywhere so my roots are everywhere. It doesn't matter where I live, I have roots there because God is there. He just wants me to "Stand Firm".

I guess that's kind of a spin off from the saying "Grow where you are planted", but this is so much better! When you say you are planted it means you are stuck there. I would rather be a branch standing firm and ready to go wherever the "Vine" takes me!

Are you ready to Stand Firm using the Root you already have or are you going to waste energy on "roots" that will never accomplish anything?


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