Friday, February 25, 2011

Microwave Technology. . . Microwave Society

I have been reading a really neat book and it takes me back to a time where women didn't have pressure to work outside of the home and one of the points it makes is that because of our "want it/need it NOW" attitude women work harder instead of  being liberated by an out of the home job. So true!

Which brings around to a point of because of women wanting to liberate themselves (specifically here in the US) they have been giving themselves more work. Honestly I think old fashioned is easier compared to the "NOW" microwave attitude.

I don't have a microwave because of the health reasons. I knew we were going to get wireless internet and there are health effects from that and I didn't want to double it by having a microwave. When we finally get a phone in the house I am planning on getting a corded phone. Why have extra radio waves around here if I don't need it?!

No, I'm not a hippy. I am just saying I don't think living in the fast lane is all it's cracked up to be. Buying cheap food at a grocery store might "save" me money right now but the long term effects of it are very costly.

I will need less health care for my family, more self sufficiency, use healthier food preservation methods, healthier food in general, support local farmers not being supported by government subsidies which the more I learn (I am far from educated on this subject as of yet!) the more I feel the subsidies are killing the little man: the small family farm. The small family farm that used to be frequent, not so much anymore though.

Another part of the microwave society deal is most people want things now, internet connection can't ever be fast enough, technology can't be fast enough. . . food can't be fast enough. Wow, think about that: food can't be fast enough. Don't people realize in order to make that highly processed tv dinner no matter how healthy the brand name, it took a summer to grow the stuff?! I mean seriously! What if the farmer was in a hurry to grow the food? Oh wait, some are getting to that point with genetically modifying the seeds, scary!

So with all the crazyness going on with the food I decided to plant even a bigger garden than originally planned. I am going to preserve and eat as much food as I can possibly grow. It is the best decision for my family. The fun part is the process, which is what most Americans have forgotten. The joy and satisfaction of process.

Process: everything has to go through process. Might as well enjoy it! I don't mind being labeled country. Especially if country means I have less stress, enjoy life, appreciate and respect both the good and the bad parts of life and have more quality time for my husband, kids, family/friends as well as myself!

The city has many conveniences. None of which I need nor envy. I would rather be comfortable in my clothes than wearing the newest risque fashions showing too much of myself and little of my self worth.

After two years of being married, being a mom and  very confused at where this put me. Me, the independent, self sufficient, adventure seeking, singing the song of life, enjoying every bit of sunshine through the clouds during a rainstorm me. Marriage, kids, everything was very confusing. I had all these expectations put on me by others, all this advice given to me by others and nothing was adding up. Things have changed but I didn't! I might be a housewife but I now love it and appreciate it! Being a housewife doesn't mean I am a frumpy bumpkin from the country stuck at home slaving away at chores struggling to finish with kids underfoot. No, not I!

I now understand it is Me: wife, mother, house keeper, adventure seeking, diaper changing, boo boo fixing, singing the songs of "Blues Clues", dancing and exercising with the kids while doing the chores and playing while doing it. All while the love of my life is at work at a job which pales in comparison to how interesting and changing as mine.

All these things only improved and added to my life. I have had to adapt some things (can't just get in the car and visit friends, but we can plan ahead and still go visit!) but I love it!

In the city things would not be so interesting. I would have to get a job, leave my precious little ones with someone else to raise while I have to work a boring job, get home, struggle to do housework with my little ones underfoot craving my attention which I can't give them until the dishes are done, after which supper has been made and by then it would be bed time for them.

Microwave society and all its conveniences can just keep themselves company. I like my "Slow-paced" country life (HA yeah right slow, that is hilarious) thank you very much. All you country people would understand that too. Living in the country is NOT slow! It is very adventurous and busy, but busy in a good way, not busy in the city way.

Another thing I noticed about the Microwave society is everyone wants results NOW. It took years to gain weight and now all of a sudden you want to be thin? Oh please there was a process in gaining weight, there is a process to lose weight - healthily too!
I gained weight right after getting married, then I had two kids back to back. It was a process of almost 2.5 years of gaining weight slowly. In order to lose the weight AND keep it off I need to lose weight slowly. Sure the first month you can drop a lot but most of it is just water weight, but not to be discouraged I knew that the weight after that would be real weight and as long as I stay away from all those fad diets I would stay off the yoyo for life!

Sure enough! I lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks. I haven't been able to exercise in a little over a week because I got the stomach flu (which helped me lose that extra pound, haha) but still, I'm not on the yoyo microwave plan. I would love instant results and all those diet pills are sure tempting. BUT,  the point of me losing weight is also with the intention of not gaining it back. Those ideals are for permanent weight loss. Real work = real results. Artificial work=artificial loss and the first look at a donut can put you back 5 pounds. No joke.

I mean why would I buy pills anyway? It didn't cost me anything to gain weight, so why should it cost me anything to lose it? My policy for dinner time (because I have been slowly changing the way we eat, going all organic, all natural all at once is quite a shock!) is if I do not want to eat it, no one else has too. On the other hand if it is tasty and I will eat it, and you don't then you go hungry.

My husband is amazing and he is right on board. He still gets his non healthy stuff at work but I don't mind, that is his decision. I'm just glad he is supporting me here at home. If he wants orange juice (I don't buy juice anymore) at work, fine it doesn't bug me! As long as he doesn't bring it home! haha just kidding. I'm so thankful for the man I have. I sure didn't find him hanging out at a mall in the city! We met on a church camping trip that a mutual friend of ours invited me too, since it was mostly his church that was going in the first place! Neat!

Well Microwave technology is not in my house, microwave society is not in my heart. If I can enjoy life and enjoy the process of living, then I will be a farmgirl my whole life. 

Microwave society is just like a microwave. Microwaves serve up the meal minus the nutrients and taste; Society serves up the people minus the morals and savor for living.

Satisfied in country life

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