Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A smile in your hand

One of our hens started laying again! Every other day I look forward to another egg from her! Our other 2 year old hens still haven't started laying again and I will give them until spring/early summer before they end up in my freezer.

It's so neat how something so small is so looked forward too. Every time I go out there on the day I should get an egg, I look forward to it! It's like holding spring time in my hands as I walk back to the house to put my treasure in the egg carton.

Not this weekend, but the next we will be getting our order from the hatchery of 30-31 brand new little chicks! 25 are for meat, 5 are to renew our flock of layers and apparently with every order of 25 or more they give you a free exotic chick. That will be interesting to see what we end up with! I hope it's a hen.
Our rooster count is already 4 and I really don't want anymore. I actually would like to downsize to 2. One is a rooster we got from an egg we incubated and the other is a really pretty Barred Rocks rooster. He is HUGE! The other 2 roosters that I don't want are just Rhode Island Reds. Mean little peckers, although I think they have learned to not attack me, I am worried about them spurring and pecking my little kids this summer.

I can't believe how fast this week is flying by. I need to prepare for our new chicks, I need to organize and get rid of all the extra's we have in our house. I hate clutter. I feel like we have too much clutter, even though I know we really don't have too much clutter if I haven't used something in a year, why keep it around? If I do need to use something like it, I am sure I can find someone to borrow whatever the item is and return it to them. Then I don't have to have something extra lying around my house!

I think that is a good project to do today. After, of course, I do my dishes :)

Then I can either give away, barter, or sell the extra items. I want to be totally finished by March. That gives me just about a month albeit a short month to get my house in order for spring. Once it gets warmer out there will be painting, cleaning, building things outside. I am going to fix up the inside of the chicken coop, insulate it, put real walls in it, wall paper it, paint it like a mini house! I am going to paint the fence white again, repaint the horse shed, and repaint the trim on the out buildings here to spruce it up. By the time I get the painting done, if the spring rains give me a break to paint and let it dry that is, then it will be time to plant my garden! I am looking for fencing options to keep the woodland rascals out of my garden so I can get the produce I need out of it :) I'm not running a B&B for the forest animals! I don't get to claim crop damage from deer from my little plot of corn, so I have to be pro-active about it.

Well I suppose I am going to get off the computer and get organizing. One room at a time!


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