Monday, February 14, 2011

Beautiful Monday

Monday. A weekly day which signals the beginning of another traditional workweek for some.

For me Monday is my big cleaning day. Instead of dreading Mondays I actually looks forward to them! I like to call it "Cleaning Therapy". It is so relaxing to scrub away dirt. Some how cleaning actually helps me to think positive!

Today was an added blessing because we received our shipment of chicks!!! They gave us an extra chick for free! In addition to the free chick we were already going to get just for placing an order.

Watching my daughter's face when I put the chicks one by one into their "chick tub" was absolutely priceless!

It is a dream come true raising my kids out in the country with animals! My husband is so wonderful because he lets me have animals! He likes animal's as well but I love having animals! Ha, well anyhow we got the chicks all situated for now!

I feel today was really productive and the day is just flying by. During the kids naptime I went outside and oiled all my garden tools, cleaned out the feed shed, oiled my bridle and hung up all the halters I have so now the feed shed is all organized and clean.

The next thing and last thing on my list of things to get done today is to round up all the stuff I am getting rid of and be done with it. I got a book on bartering and I just don't have the patience to barter things. Besides, the things I have to barter with are mostly things that are low barter items. I will just donate what I can, throw out the rest and as I rummage this summer I will pick up cheap things that I could barter. 

I do not like my house to be cluttered. I don't mind knickknacks, but for goodness sake I like to keep it at a major minimum! For me, having a homey house is the feeling of openness, airiness, peacefulness, and relaxation. My husband and I have a very hard time relaxing when we feel claustrophobic from having too much stuff in the house.

A nice thing about hating clutter is I only have the bare necessities with a hint of indulgence. If I don't need something, why keep it around and have to clean around it. It just doesn't make sense to me to live like that.

Well I suppose, the lil one's are just up from their naps and are calling for "mama" so that's all for now!

Happy Valentines Day!


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