Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wonderful Weekends

Sunday morning. Waiting on the sourdough waffles to finish cooking. Just finished up the nitrate/un cured old fashioned bacon!

I am so excited my sourdough turned out! My first try! Today after church I will pull some more starter out and try my hand at some bread.

My bean sprouts are just about ready to eat in another day and my alfalfa sprouts, well I just started them last night! I want to get some oats and wheat sprouting too. I am interested in learning to do wheat grass as well.

Today they were forecasting a big snowstorm. No one believed them because they always hype everything up. Even though we are always due for a snowstorm or cold spell after a period of warm weather. We had warm weather all last week and looking at the radar it sure looks like we will be doing some plowing after church or tomorrow!

I don't mind, it gives me a mental break so I can finish the things inside I need to get done without feeling the urge to just be outside and enjoy nature! I have a few weeks left before the urge comes back!

Well back to my waffles then have to get everyone ready for church!

Happy Sunday!


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