Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow and Sourdough

Yesterday my sourdough starter was ready to use. I made sourdough waffles for breakfast and after church I made some old fashioned sourdough bread in cast iron. The waffles almost made me cry they were so good! I mean not to brag or anything but the taste brought me back to a time when life was a lot more simple, hard, but families stuck together. To go with the waffles I cooked up nitrate free, hardly processed bacon. All cooked on cast iron. I think everything tastes better on cast iron, open fire or not!

I let the bread rise most of the day, I mixed it up about one and didn't end up cooking it until nine. My husband and I tasted it hot out of the oven with a little honey drizzled over it. It is so hearty and amazing! A small portion goes a long way! No wonder the pioneers could eat so well with so little. I would starve on a piece of store bought bread (yes, even if it is brown and supposedly whole wheat) but a piece of this hearty sourdough could pass for a meal!

We got our February snow storm! As to the amount I am not quite sure yet, I will find out soon when I go to feed my chickens! Which brings me to a sad story. We lost two more chicks. No indication of being sick again. So sad. My daughter noticed one and was all confused and it seemed like she was trying to ask me what was wrong with it. I know she is probably too young to understand but I told her it died. She seemed to be satisfied but I am not looking forward to the day where we have to have the discussion on death when her favorite pet dies. I remember those days for me. It seemed like I had a billion cats growing up because they would keep dying from cars.

I got so sick last night I camped out in the bathroom for about an hour, I spent the rest of the night curled up in the big chair under a blanket with some ginger ale and sierra mist natural. We missed Bible study but it is a good thing we didn't go, I would have rather been sick here then do the deed somewhere else and make a scene!

Today I am feeling a little better, my stomach still feels off though. I am making myself some tea and I am going to watch the news and see what the weather looks like for the rest of the day and tomorrow. I am so very excited for spring and planting my garden! I am also excited for my daughter. I am going to make a sunflower house for her, I am hoping to make one every year for her. Come summertime she will be ready for a little playhouse. There is nothing like a fort or playhouse for a little kid! The possibilities are endless. Oh goodness, I remember spending hours with my siblings playing train, cowboys, pioneers, miners, etc on an old potato picker from the early 1900's maybe earlier. I have no idea the actual time but you get the general idea. A piece of rusting history made the biggest adventures for us kids. When it gets warmer out I want to have breakfast outside on an open fire, how cool would that be for little kids not to mention tasty for my husband and I!

I want my kids to have adventure, substance, security and love in their life. Nothing like a little sourdough on an open fire outside or inside to do the trick.


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