Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March is in like a lamb. . . Wait a minute, is that right?! Marching into spring either way!

Well this is pretty interesting. If March comes in like a lamb, does that mean it will go out like a lion?

Seeing my husband's Grandpa in the nursing home was sad. He couldn't talk, or hardly open his eyes. It was sad but at the same time so peaceful. As we were in the room there was a calm in there, typically when people are dying it is an awful, hopeless feeling in the room. Grandpa S's room was peaceful, he was a missionary in Africa, then a pastor at a local church for many years. I know why there is so much peace, it is because he knows where he is going when his life here ends. Peace, pure and simple peace. I have that peace too, it is comforting.

I just pray he isn't suffering as his time here on earth comes to a close. I do wish he was more alert so we could have talked to him about his experiences out on the mission field. I guess it is a good idea to talk to current missionaries and learn of their experiences as well as other "retired" (if that even describes it) missionaries.

As for other things I am going through some tough times but after reading Psalm 25 I know that "This too shall pass". That may be a trivial saying but there is so much truth in it. Plus if you have the peace I mentioned previously it is actually comforting which brings me back to Psalm 23 "yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, You are with me". This too shall pass. Peace.

As for Marching into spring I still have a lot of work to do in planning my garden as to what goes where! As the ground thaws the pasture fence needs to be fixed and painted, the chicken run needs to get put up, nesting boxes put in, the chicken coop as it is needs to get fixed, another pasture on the other side of the drive needs to get put up for alternate grazing area, pest fencing put up around the garden, Duke (the male goat) needs to get a separate pen set up, the rest of our outdoor furniture needs to get moved out of storage at our old place and brought over here to our new place. The list could go on but I want to make sure that the work is divided out and I don't give myself a time frame to get stressed out by. The work will all get done in due time, my kids need the most time; after all that is why I am a stay at home mom in the first place! :)

I am very excited about what this year will bring. In fact I do not know how to describe what I am feeling about this year right now except you know that feeling you get on New Years Day? The feeling of hope for the future? I still have it!

This is how I describe it. When you go shopping you leave one store to go to another. You have to look where you are going in order to get to the next store. If you kept looking back and kept concentrating on what was on the old store how on earth could you get to the next store? You would be stuck going back and forth. This is how our life and the seasons are. Don't look back, you can reflect back (i.e. at the last store this cost x amount of money but this place is selling it at y) but dont concentrate on it or you won't get to where you are going or could be going. Besides there is another store after the next store. Life is so exciting! It is an adventure. Or like a highway. All depends on your taste.

Well either a lamb or a lion, there is another month after this so I will keep looking ahead and know that "this too shall pass"!


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