Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 years in the desert

Today as we got up the snow still didn't hit us, shortly after my husband left for work it did! Instead of the 8-12 inches originally predicted the amount predicted is now down to 4-6. I do not mind one bit! Tomorrow I should be able to hang out some more clothes!

Last night I started working on the kids memory quilts. I got almost all of my daughter's done then I can work on my son's. I figured that during my down time when the kids go to bed that is a perfect time to slowly get caught up on my projects going on! I wanted to start getting up early so I can get more things done during the day. So far so good!

Here you can see we don't have too much snow actually left and an inch or two of the ground is starting to thaw so I can't imagine that a lot of the snow is going to stick since it is so wet and packy.

I was reading my morning devo's and today I read in Deut. 8. The past two days it was like the devotional content was written specifically for me and God is telling me exactly what I need to hear right now; like He is explaining to me what is going on in life for us.

I am finally at peace with what the very near future holds. Praise the Lord for using Isaiah 61 and Deut. 8! I can say that the next two months can me considered my 'desert wandering' as I recalibrate my life around biblical principals instead of 'me'. After the two months I should be renewed with the renewing of my mind like it describes in Psalms. I can handle what is coming, not because I am a strong person, but because I am a strong person in the Lord. A few examples are Philippians 4:13, "praying without ceasing", if God is for us who(and what) can be against us?", "God is our strength and salvation" (another passage says strength and song), "There is a time for everything under the sun", "This too shall pass", "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the sheol, I will fear no evil for God is with me", and I know I have other people praying for me too "for where there are two or three gathered in my name. . . ".

Thanks to everyone praying for me during this coming time. I am willing to accept the things that are to come and I know God will carry me through and I will be able to come out stronger as I go through the fire to be refined. I guess my life kind of got out of order and swept me in the current of things but I need to stand strong and make sure my priorities are in order. I am thankful I figured that part out now so I can make good use of this coming time.

Well it's off to do morning chores before the kiddos get up!

Happy Wednesday!

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