Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hava Nagila!

With all the hard stuff I have been dealing with lately I decided it is time to get my mind off the negative. Time to focus on what is good in my life!

I am blessed with a man that loves me, financially supports me and the kids, is a great dad and mechanic!
I am blessed with two beautiful, healthy kids that like to take naps yet (double yay!)
I am blessed to live in a farm house and have animals to let our kids grow up with
I am blessed to have a library close by
I am blessed to have a good natural food store close by
I am blessed to have internet in the house
I am blessed to be able to learn how to do crafty things (sewing, crocheting, etc)
I am blessed to have a garden spot and have the seeds for it already
I am blessed to have a good church close by

The list can go on. Now that I am thinking positive I am starting to realize for every bad thing that is going on, I just listed in a matter of seconds an equal amount of good things. There is more good things than bad! I get that could be for every one else out there too. Hava nagila! Let us rejoice!

Today I decided to try to make a skirt. So far I cut one piece out and it didn't turn out well. So in keeping with my positive day I decided to put it down, not think about it and save it for a rainy day this spring. I made myself some lunch (1/2 cup oatmeal w/honey, 2 small hard boiled eggs, and about 8 raw almonds-yum) and now here I sit. The kids are tinkering in their room and I am about to put them down for their nap and go fill the water trough up for the horse.

Sure, I am still struggling with the things going on in my life right now, but I am going to keep thinking about good things, like the cheesy dill bread I made yesterday, the tea I just enjoyed, the lunch I just had, the sounds of my kids playing in their room.

The skirt can wait, the bad things will pass and I am going to take the time and savor every small thing that comes my way. From hearing "mama" from one of my kids to seeing the summer birds starting to come back.
Then I can rejoice, yes the small stuff matters; small stuff matters deeply.

Hava nagila,

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