Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting my Vitamin D

What a beautiful day today! It was near 50F!!!

This weekend was bittersweet as we had my husband's grandpa's funeral and burial. It was nice as we were able to see and I was able to meet extended family.

I will have to post my thoughts on the funeral later. It was one of the most incredible funerals I have ever been too.

Today it was my mission to get caught up with all the things I had fallen behind on this weekend. Mostly dishes and laundry.

I got an extra load of dishes I need to do (tomorrow!) and I got half the laundry done!!! Whoohoo!! Tomorrow I will be fully caught up on those two chores, I hope!

This week I should be able to finish moving my craft and sewing things to the upstairs bedroom. I will just leave them in the corner until I can go out rummaging and find some furniture to sew and craft on to put up there. I would like to get a treadle sewing machine too.

Well I do not have much to say except it was wonderful getting some vitamin d (sunshine) while hanging laundry this morning and taking my daughter for a walk down the drive so I could get the mail and she could see the "hawseyy" and "gote". I can't figure out how to type out how she says "chicken" except it is so cute! She says 'chicken' followed by a rooster crow. What a hunny!

I got the email today about our pullet  chicks, seems like we will be getting them the end of April! Perfect timing. I can't wait to butcher our meat birds in a few months. It has been forever since I have had a main course of meat. I'm so sick of beans and rice but this summer will be worth it! No sense in getting into debt buying meat that poisons my family with un needed and un wanted antibiotics not too mention if there ends up being a recall on meat. . . No, its not worth it to me. I will stick with grass fed meat, or raising my own :)

I have to finish preparing dinner (bacon, cheese strata) so we can eat shortly after my man gets home from work! Maybe we can even eat it outside tonight since the temperatures seem to be holding steady as of yet!

Don't forget to get your vitamin d when the sun is shining. Even if it means just staying inside and sitting in the window!


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