Monday, March 7, 2011

BPA-free plastic a myth?

My husband just showed me an article to read about BPA-free plastic still leaching chemicals. From what I gathered from the article it said while BPA isn't leached from the plastic some other chemicals are still released and no one knows if these chemicals are harmful or not since there has been no research done on them as of yet.

The only things plastic (yes, BPA free) that I still use are my kids sippy cups as I have not found a glass sippy cup yet. I found glass training cups which my daughter is starting to use at meal times it still does not replace the sippy cup for night time...

I still prefer glass over anything. Even stainless steel I feel can leave an after taste to food sometimes even in non-acidic food. That is my opinion though, and I'm sure most people do not notice a difference.\

I have been fighting a fever since last night. I have no idea what I have, maybe detox effect? Not sure but I still have to get chores done even though I am so weak from having a fever. Every time I get a bad fever I get weak and shaky. Time to get out my Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in it!

My kids seem fine, my son seemed a little feverish last night with his rosy cheeks but he is teething his one year molars and today he is fever free.

Spring is coming!!!

Today after chores and during the kids naptime I am going upstairs to finish going through all the baby/kid clothes upstairs to determine what to officially keep, what to give away, what to repurpose and what I need for any future babies. I don't need a zillion outfits in one size so I am organizing that section.

I already went through my maternity clothes so the next step after the kids clothes is all our winter clothes (as I very slowly pack them away) so I know exactly what I need for next year.

This year when I go out to the thrift stores and rummage/yard sales I know exactly what I need so I can follow my new thrifty mantra "Nothing is cheap that we do not want/need" ~Dr. Roosevelt. He sure got that right!

I am sick of clutter. Once I get the kids stuff organized I can get all my craft stuff organized and my projects done. I am doing a denim quilt with the pockets and jeans from memorable occasions. For starters I am using the jeans my husband wore in our wedding, the jeans we wore on our honeymoon, then whatever parts of the denim I don't use I can save for patching and for other projects.

I am so excited to have my craft area set up and organized so I can get my stuff out of our living area to give us more space in the areas that mean the most! Then I can have my "mommy get away" area too that I can dedicate to my books and crafts! I can even use it for an extra bedroom if necessary! Yay for being organized! I am trying to get my organizing done in the house in the next week or two because the snow should be completely melted by then and the ground thawing out and then the hard work will be ready. Fencing needs to be put up to make a second pasture, the current fence needs to have a few posts replaced and the entire fence needs to be re-painted and the fencing replaced. A chicken run needs to be put up to keep our layers separate from our meat birds. A fence around the garden needs to be put up, garden tilled. . . Oh spring is coming so quickly and bringing so many projects I need to get organzing the house so when the warm winds bring spring I can be out there and get the work done before the heat of the summer!

Off to work I go!

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  1. Oh spring is such a busy time! But I know you must be like me and you are very ready for it!

    Thanks for the plastic update. I hate plastic!