Saturday, March 5, 2011

Modern Frugality and the Saga of the Alfalfa seed

I was doing some searches in the library for books to help me in my search for self sufficient living. I came across this book first published in 1833 by Lydia Maria Child called "The American Frugal Housewife". I thought it to be an interesting title so I put a hold on it. When I started reading it yesterday I found what a gem it is! From the introduction it mentioned she was one of the first feminists which is interesting to me because it was written for the housewife. . . Things back then did mean a lot different than things do today!

Well some of the tips in the book really are quite outdated, she brings up many good points about being frugal. I didn't even read 1/3 of the book yet and I have already been taking notes on things I must try out and remember. I think that book is a good reminder that common sense is never outdated! Sure, times change (i.e. a feminist back then for some reason is not the same thing as a feminist today or at least it is a bigger role than what it was back then) but common sense is common sense. Common sense is priceless to have.

I think if people really followed the advice in books like this one from pre-1900's our America wouldn't have the selfish reputation it does right now. Seriously, why do people in other countries love Canadians but hate Americans? I need to look that up, I totally haven't figured that one out yet.

If you have some time make sure to look up that book, it is sooo neat!

As for the Saga of the Alfalfa seed. . . oh this is disturbing. Everyone knows how alfalfa is highly pollinated by bees, etc., right? Well now a certain giant company has unlimited (yes, unlimited) powers to produce a seed that is pesticide safe. Scary, scary, scary. I just found this out today. From what I've read it seems this certain company is trying to make it so nothing is GMO free so the organic companies have to yield and the organic certifications will become null so everything will be GMO. . . In the Bible I remember reading how near the end times our food and water will poison us. Does anyone see GMOs as writing on the wall that this may actually be coming true in our generation?

Now, don't get me wrong. I am no survivalist and I am not an anarchist nor am I an end-of-days junkie, but this is too weird and I have been considering it. The crazy weather patterns, the devastating natural disasters, rumors of wars, and not to mention our food contaminated by gmo's and our water supply (look at Indiana's problem) being contaminated with a pesticide from the gm corn.

Sad our world seems to be going down this path. One thing I know for sure is that GM food is NOT healthy and if some people want to have NON-gm food they should have the choice to refuse GM food. It is not right to force a specific type of food down people's throats but it is exactly what is happening and it is so sad. I love to have a garden to grow my own gmo free food, but if the farmers around here start growing that psychotic alfalfa then I should just give up gardening because I will no longer have a non-gmo free garden. But then that is exactly what they want. I'm thinking the bush sounds better and better to me. But out in the bush, would we be free of non gm food there? I doubt it.

Well now I have to do some more research on this subject because three sources are not enough for me, I need more. Checking off for now to look things up.

Be free, be frugal, be smart!


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  1. Ugh. I just wrote a HUGE comment and it got deleted. Serves me right for not doing it in Word first. You will get more scared the more you research about Monsanto. It's utterly ridiculous. And feminism was probably a good idea that went totally haywire. That's my theory anyway. Great post!