Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today, today

Today has been one of those days. Woke up with a migraine, the kids both woke up crabby too (must be daylight savings). . . I have been fighting to get caught up with laundry and dishes today. I hung one load up so far and I did enjoy the sunshine, the wind blowing slightly and hearing the chickens eat their handful of grains and the rooster crowing. Then I came back in, did a round of diaper changes, put my son down for a nap and took my daughter for a walk to get the mail. Funny thing is (figuratively speaking) the chickens and our duck are gone.

I heard absolutely no crowing at all. My daughter was said "where'd they go?" She kept asking over and over because she likes to follow the chickens around a little bit. I sure hope they come back and the coyotes didn't  get them.

I hear the washer quit so my second load is done and can be hung up. Now the only laundry I have left is my big down comforter. Depending on how much room is left on the clothesline I may have to wait until tomorrow. My dishes are still nagging me but my headache is winning so far. Not to mention sick to my stomach. I hope we didn't get the stomach flu. Ruger has been throwing up all morning, but it is hard to tell if it is just from him teething or if he is sick. Especially because he gets flushed cheeks as he teeths AND is sick so I guess it's just one of those things.

I sure hope my day starts getting  better. Today is such a beautiful day to have a horrible headache and for normal chores to be such a struggle. Well, off to hang another load of laundry. I hope I hear or see sign of my chickens and duck.


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