Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Warming up to spring

Today we woke up to a fluffy blanket of snow. Only a few inches and somewhat disappointing since it was starting to warm up.

Yesterday was so beautiful with the sun shining, the spring breeze blowing my clothes hanging out on the line, the chickens scratching around the perimeter of the yard looking for unsuspecting bugs starting to come out of hibernation.

Yes, bugs already! I picked up a piece of old trash that was bordering the lawn and the woods line since I hate blowing trash from the road. Any way I picked this piece of trash up and underneath a bunch of little crickets were taking shelter from the snow! My chickens enjoyed them!

This morning was absolutely gorgeous, snow and all. The nice crisp morning air, the morning noises of the animals and the birds waking up, the pileated woodpeckers pecking trees talking to each other. I love the country life!

Today I am glad it is "gloomy" despite the crisp air I am not tempted to sit outside and take in a good dose of the outdoors! Instead I am upstairs in the unheated attic and extra bedroom (we have a finished bedroom upstairs and the other half of the upstairs I call the attic because it is unfinished yet) sorting out all the baby clothes. I am finding what I can dispatch and what I actually need. I have all the boy clothes done, and the girl clothes are half done. I got so cold I came back down stairs to warm up by the fire and get a cup of tea!

The kiddos went down for an early nap time since they were up absurdly early compared to their usual time.

The clothes that have sentimental value from the kids that are just "them" I am making a memory quilt from them. I decided as I drink my tea I will start on doing that. I have also been wanting to start on my jean quilt but I want to get caught up with the kids blanket first.

Once I finish sorting out the baby clothes I can get them stacked away and up pack and organize all my crafting stuff! YAY!!! Okay, double yay!!! :)

Once I get that done everything will be organized that absolutely must be organized before summer comes. I will be done with that this week if everything goes well. Then I can concentrate on getting the garden planned and figuring out when I need to start planting seeds to be ready to transplant into the garden on time!

I got a book from the library called "Put 'Em Up" it is about preserving foods in multiple different ways. I absolute must have that book in my personal collection before Asparagus starts popping up! I found three different asparagus patches around the yard! whoohooo! The one I am worried about is near the road and although it is on our property and not in the ditch like most asparagus I am hoping some cheeky person doesn't come and pick it on me so I will have to be on that! I don't mind sharing but after this lean winter, I never want to have a lean year if I can help it ever again!

I am preserving so much this year I am hoping not to have to buy normal "groceries" in the sense of vegetables or fruit from the store once my garden starts putting out. Obviously I will have to purchase red meat and staples like flour, olives, oils, things that I can't grow here basically. Well I should rephrase that, things I can't grow here since I have no room to grow my own grain. Growing corn is pushing it so I will have to do a u-pick for the rest of my corn. Which is fine, I don't mind supporting local farmers one bit! I would prefer to support local farmer than a farmer from across the us (no offense to them, it just saves money going as local as possible)!

Well I suppose, my tea is ready to drink and I am ready to get working on one of the quilts!


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