Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1st Birthday, Long lost relatives and new projects. . .

Saturday was my son's first birthday party! It was army themed because he used to do the army crawl forever! He preferred the army crawl to the regular crawl. It was so cute! I made him a cake and for all the guest I made "cake grenades". I made cupcakes and before I frosted them I put the "hardware" on then I frosted it. It was pretty neat. If I had more time I could have found color appropriate candy but on limited time and money I just got what I could!

I forgot to take pictures of the "cake grenades" but basically I had the twizzlers pull and peel licorice and I pulled them into separate pieces and broke them in half. Then I put one of those peach gummy rings and I put the them on the cupcake with a huge malted milk ball and pressed down to keep it all intact. Then I frosted the entire thing (milk ball and all) so it looked like a grenade pretty much complete with the gummy pull pin!

I warned everyone before serving what the hardware entailed so there wouldn't be any broken teeth! Everyone loved it! I had so much fun decorating the cake too!

On Sunday, Father's Day we went on a few hour drive to see my Great- Grandma, Great- Uncle and some 2nd cousins that I haven't met yet! The last time I got to see them was 10-12 years ago when my Great Grandpa was still living! That is just too long. They are from downstate Michigan and we just haven't had the money to go down to visit them. We were going to go down for my cousin's wedding last year but Ruger decided to come the day before her wedding! The hospital's policy is a 2 day stay and so we were stranded there. I was very disappointed because I had been waiting to get a 5 generation picture ever since our daughter was born! Praise the Lord they decided to come up closer so we could make a day trip out of it! It was super nice being able to see family after years, and also meet some cousins I haven't met yet. It was fabulous. Our kids had a blast too! I think they will love camping when they get older, haha. We were right on the lake and Evelyn just wanted to go swimming in the worst way and she loves canoe rides! What a hunny!

Both kids loved watching the seagulls and ducks. It was nice because the ducks had babies so the kids really had fun watching them. Especially since we have ducks here at home for their pets.

Monday I pretty much just recovered from the past 2 weeks of planning parties the past two weekends, the long day trip on Sunday so I pretty much hit rock bottom Sunday afternoon.

Today I am feeling the same. I was able to clean up a bit, doing the dishes, sweeping the floors and I am working on laundry. I'm so exhausted I don't know how I have been able to do what I have done so far. The weather sure isn't helping. It's been chilly (60's) cloudy and rainy since Sunday so besides being pregnant and over tired that just doesn't help. I am worried about my warm weather crops in the garden. I hope this cold spell doesn't stunt their growth. The cabbage and cool weather crops sure love the cool rainy weather! They really shot up! My corn doesn't look like it has grown much the past week though. Somewhat concerned about that and my squash and of course tomatoes and peppers.

The sunflowers are hardly coming up too, I hope they grow to full strength by the end of the summer!

Today I started a new crochet project and I worked on it for about an hour. I am using an intermediate pattern and this is my first hat I am making. I am working on the cuff of the hat first and it is pretty interesting. I am about halfway done with it. I can't wait to finish it! I hope I can retain what I am learning so I can progress to making more difficult projects. I am finally moving on from the easy patterns! It is a little scary but liberating at the same time! I suppose learning something new always is! Which reminds me I need to start practicing my  violin too. I also need to buckle down and finally decide what language to learn so I can start working on it. I want my kids to be at least bilingual and I want to learn a few different languages so it is making it difficult on which one to start first.

Well I best be off, I have to figure out what kind of a casserole to whip up for dinner tonight. I can't think of a better dinner on a cold, rainy summer day. Casserole is the ultimate comfort food for the country kitchen (and cook!)


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